Let’s Ride with Michael Lahav Pics by Maya Barak

We need a weekend getaway Let’s Ride with Michael Lahav Pics by Maya Barak exclusive for Fashionably Male webzine.

Male model in a motorcycle.

He got a new haircut, he looks more muscle, thick eyebrows we’ll never forget. This is Michael Lahav in pics by Maya Barak for a road trip in his Harley Davidson.

Male model shirtless in a motorcycle

Grab your girl

Michale don’t miss his girlfriend playing by female model Bar Vayer, a beautiful girl, shooting who took us to 90’s where they wear denim, leather boots, smocking cigarets and drinking Bourbon, but listening Ride by Lana del Rey.

Male model and female model in a motorcycle.

Being wild, young and restless, no money in our pockets, just a full gas tank in Harley Davidson but nowhere to ride to.

Couple in a motorcycle

We have to mention that Harley Davidson provided is from club Zion Riders a motorcycle club Israel.

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Male model shirtless smocking

Michael is a Tel-Aviv based model, on his blood he has Spanish and Ukraine roots, great combo, that’s why he has this great looks.

Male model shirtless in a motorcycle.

When we first published Michael, from a last year work with another local photographer Nir Slakman. He got this long hair, but he then cut his hair, and now he’s got it shorter.

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Couple asking for a ride.
Couple posing in a motorcycle.

Fugitives of love

They want to be alone, they want to live the freedom to ride a motorcycle, going to a beautiful place where they can express their love with no strings attachment.

This is the work of photographer Maya Barak. Local photographer, her portfolio published on Instagram, is very interesting.


Model Michael Lahav @michaellahav
Photographer Maya Barak @mayabarak01
Female Model Bar Vayer @barvayer
Motorcycle @zion_riders_mc.official

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