An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs

An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs

Male enhancement is the process by which supplementary foods or supplements are ingested by a male to increase the amount of blood flow that gets genital region in amounts that it can retain. In just a normal flaccid state, the male genitals receive the same amount of blood just like other body parts, but when erect, the blood that gets in is increased, and it is tapped in the spongy tissues. There are different supplements that can be used to enhance this supply of blood to the male genitals but here, we shall deal with the herbal foods that have been proven to be effective and harmless when properly used.

An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs

This is the ultimate guide to help you learn more about male enhancement pills that are natural and that they could help you. There are several out there in the market that has been proven and tested by medics an in the following bullet points, we shall discuss through an in-depth lens in the sense that it would help in challenging you to solve these issues of the male functionality without the fear of side effects getting into play as it is seen in many products that are synthetic.

• Acerola Cherries

These cherries are very rich in the supply of vitamin C,which boasts of containing the highest percentage of these among all foods. The intake of this herbal supplement would help to increase the amount of blood flow in the body and most importantly also, boost immune system. As the blood increases in the body, the male genitals are not left behind and this in the process transforms to a male enhancement natural product.

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An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs

• Flaxseeds

These are seeds that are a rich source of omega fatty acids which again are very crucial in this process of enhancement as they help in maintaining a good flow of blood in the body and this case, it includes the area of the male genitals. This natural supplement also helps in the formation of male hormone called testosterone.

• Bananas

Apart from the work of this yellow fruit such as helping in digestion and improvement of metabolism, it helps in increasing the size and hardness of an erection as it contains a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. 

• Red Chilli Peppers

This natural supplement for enhancement leads to vasodilation and improving blood flow around the body of a male. When taken, it works to help in male enhancement.

• Beans and Whole Grains

Beans and whole grains help in several important ways such as increased sensitivity which is very crucial for a man seeking male enhancement. This is because these natural supplements contain thiamine that stimulates the nervous system.

• Nuts

There are different kinds of nuts which include walnuts, pecans, and brazils and they help in ways such improving the blood flow to the sexual organs, production of testosterone improvement, improve the quality of erections and reduce the risk of impotence.

• Garlic

Apart from other usages, garlic has been seen to be a rich source of allicin which has shown to increase blood flow to the genitals and this allows a provision for a stronger erection, for a longer time period. 

An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs

• Dark Chocolate

Caution should be taken of not overeating this to avoid heart problems, but aside from this, dark chocolate is known to enhance sensitivity, a crucial area in male enhancement, as it contains chemical serotonin which does the above. By taking it, it enhances the brain’s nervous system, therefore, improving on the way a male perceives sexual pleasure thus the improvement.

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A procedural format should be followed from the beginning to the end to gain good results at the end. In this case, it all starts with the activities done in the morning through to the night, and they include pre-breakfast feeding, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Water should be taken before anything else in the morning and most prescribed; it should be at room temperature. Food should be taken fifteen minutes after this and the water taken should be one liter.


Here, one should try by taking raw salad vegies that contains any or all of the above natural supplements. Other accompaniments can be taken too.

An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs


At this point, one is allowed to take lean meat plus other of the above supplements as a way of keeping healthy. It may be a combination of the above products or just a few, and they should be included in every meal for better results in the end.


Caution should be taken to ensure that food is taken two hours at least before engaging in any sexual activity. This enhances growth and sustenance.  A balanced meal should be taken ensuring that the above products are included either in half or full portions to aid in this process of male enhancement.

An actionable guide to male enhancement naturally with food herbs


This article is an ultimate guide to help in the process of male enhancement to lead to a healthier lifestyle and relationships and through tested and proven methods, we have laid to you in the best way we know how to help you.

Care should also be taken to avoid taking products that you are allergic to and resolve to those that your body accepts to avoid creating more damages to your immune systemand body at the expense of this process. These supplements have been tried, and they have no side effects as it is notable when using synthetic ones.

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