Roulette Strategies That Work

Roulette Strategies That Work

Roulette is a game of negative expectation, this means that a percentage of all winnings are returned to the casino, this means that you will never take home the full amount of winnings in which to earn. You can win in the short-term; however, it is worth keeping the house edge in mind as it means that long-term you will be losing money. In this guide, the kind of roulette being spoken about is the American style of play. There is no betting strategy that can beat the house edge, with that in mind these are strategies that work and help players to get the most out of their gameplay at Easy Slots.

Roulette Strategies That Work

Betting Patterns in Roulette

Roulette is a game of pure chance, there is no way to ensure a 100% chance of winning, any strategy that claims so is trying to pull off a scam. All hope is not lost as there is a way to better your odds by creating betting patterns. This typically involves players placing bets on multiple numbers while having a bet placed on a single number as well. This is in order to make their budgets last longer and try to gain moderate wins.

Roulette Strategies That Work

Five Quad Roulette Strategy

This strategy involves placing making five corner (quad) bets and one straight bet on a single number. This cover 21 numbers or 20 if your single number falls within one of the quad bets. This bet has odds of eight-to-one. If the ball happens to land on any of the four numbers in a quad bet, then you lose four chips one both double street wagers and one chip on the single number. This would make your profit three chips.

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Roulette Strategies That Work

Double Street Quad Strategy

The potential payoff with this strategy is five-to-one. The idea is to place two of your chips on each double street and another two on a single number, so if the ball lands on one of these numbers then you will win back ten chips and the profit will be six.

When it comes to the single number you bet on, it pays 35 to one. If the ball lands on your single number, then the profit is 30 chips since you would have lost a chip on the corner bet and four on the double streets.

Roulette Strategies That Work

The purpose of these strategies is to make your playing time longer. Once you are ready to “up the ante”, add an extra chip. Do this slowly in order to make your budget last longer. The best thing to do when it comes to betting patterns and strategies is to play around and test out what works best for you. A tip for the road is to always play at a busy table if you can as it slows the game down and lessens the time your chips are at risk. Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way to beat the game. The only guaranteed way to win money on a spin is to steal chips from the dealer while they are not looking.

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