How do male models get ready for Fashion Week?

Even if some doubt, being a model is a full-time job, and you have to constantly be in your best shape if you want to walk for famous brands. For men is more difficult to get ready for runway shows because they need to do more than sway their hips and walk one-foot-in-front-of-the-other. 

For them, Fashion Week is the most intense time of the year because they need to attend as many shows as possible in a short period. Walking on the runway is not their only activity, they also have to look flawless 24/7 because hordes of paparazzi are following them, and people are constantly taking photos from all imaginable angles. It’s the fashion event that can make or break a model’s career, and they need to work hard to impress during the biggest week of their career. If famous brand designers notice them, their dream can come true. 

Here is how a male model gets ready for Fashion Week.

They cut carbs from their diet

Male models limit the amount of carbs they eat the year-round, but some prefer to switch to complex carbs like brown rice and sweet potato. They opt for complex carbs because they provide them with the needed energy to hit the gym and to resist during photo shoots. But before big campaigns, and events like Fashion Week they cut back on all types of carbs because many of them cause water retention. 

If they don’t hit the gym before Fashion Week, the energy from carbs is turned into sugar and fat, and they don’t want to gain weight before such an important event. 

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They grow their protein intake

Male models and bodybuilders opt for protein-based diets because protein is one of the best sources of energy. It keeps them fuller for a longer period and helps them boost their metabolism when they want to build muscles to achieve a good-looking body. For men, it’s essential to sport a sexy body on the runway because designers create clothes for the perfect body, large shoulders, strong arms and legs, and small waist. When combined with the right exercises, protein can help models get their dream bodies in a couple of months. 

Before Fashion Show they up their protein intake to offer their body the needed calories to deal intense workouts without experiencing burnout. Proteins are also great because they prevent water retention and bloating. Most of the male models hire a personal trainer to create a diet based on the exercises they perform to train their bodies. 

They change their gym training

Before Fashion Week they commit to intensive workout sessions because they need to shred their body, especially if they are walking for lingerie brands. But during Fashion Week they swap their workout routine for Pilates and weight training because it helps them maintain their good-looking bodies without exhausting them. It’s a time when they have to work smarter and not harder because they don’t need an extra factor that drains their energy. 

If the months before the Fashion Week they slog their bodies for countless hours, before Fashion Week they combine exercises in shorter sessions to encourage the growth of muscles and to burn fats without hurting themselves. Their workouts include low-intensity cardio, weight lifting, and stretching. 

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They get enhancements

Enhancements come in numerous forms, for both male and female models. It’s important to mention they don’t use surgical manipulation to transform their body because implants can get them a negative reputation. Lingerie male models often use a bathmate hydro pump to look sexy on the runway. Hydro pumps are widely used in the fashion world, not only during Fashion Week but also before photoshoots and other events. 

Skin treatments are also a must for male models because their appearance has to be flawless when walking on the runway.  

They learn the walk

As stated before, male models walk different from female models on the runway, so they need to practice to get it right. It’s important to walk with their feet farther apart than their female counterparts, so they don’t have to step on-foot-in-front-of-the-other, they need to place them side by side and to make natural steps. They shouldn’t move their hips while they do it because most of the designers associate the sashaying back with feminine models. 

They usually hire coaches to teach them how to walk on the runway. They learn that they need to identify an imaginary spot behind the audience and to look at it while walking. They don’t have to interact with the public or to make eye contact with someone from the audience, unless they receive specific instructions. 

They need to wax or laser remove their hair

The latest beauty standards promote natural appearances, but famous brands still prefer their male and female models to be hairless when walking on the runway. So, male models need to remove their body hair through a method they prefer. Most of them opt for laser hair removal from a reputed clinic because it ensures them they don’t have to deal with painful treatments and skin rashes before Fashion Week. If some models prefer to wax their body hair, they have to do it before every show, or at least 2 days before if they are dealing with bumps and redness. 

They need to get their beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is not only for female models, but male models also need to sleep their bodies. From their muscles to their skin, all their body parts need to restore and regenerate for them to look great during the Fashion Week, and a good night sleep can make wonders most of the time. Male models understand how important is to sleep before a fashion show, and they ensure they have eight full hours of sleep the month before Fashion Week. Sleep helps them get rid of eye bags and to get healthy and glowing skin. 

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They are getting ready for the craziest time of the year in the fashion world and the above habits help them face the stress and meet the beauty standards the entire event poses.

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