Popular Live Casino Games

Popular Live Casino Games

The Internet has changed a lot since its emergence in the 1990s, and by a lot we mean it has completely changed the way we do so many things, from buying our groceries to gambling away our hard-earned cash. It is the latter fact that has perhaps changed the most though, with the emergence of online casino sending fissures through the industry – try playing slots at Kingcasino.com

Popular Live Casino Games

Not in a bad way though, of course, in fact online casino has breathed new life into the entire gambling world, causing it to experience one of the most profound periods of growth in its entire lifespan. For example, without online casino the highly popular live casino games could not exist. These have proved to be incredibly popular with a range of different people, read ahead for a lowdown on some of the most loved live casino games. 

Live Roulette 

The popularity of Live Roulette should come as no surprise when you consider how many people love playing standard Roulette in casinos. It is the perfect game to transfer into live casino format as well, mainly because it relies on minimal interaction with the dealer, and the result is very easy for everyone to see without an explanation. 

Popular Live Casino Games

For those that don’t know, live casino is essentially a live-streamed version of casino, meaning you can play it from the comfort of your own home whilst still getting that human element to it. In the case of Roulette there is usually a wheel situated somewhere in the world with a dealer tending to it, footage from this is then sent to you in real time – it is as if you are really there! 

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Live Poker 

Due to the simple fact that there are more players in Live Poker that also need to be able to see each other the technology needed to make this work took a little while longer to properly develop. Nothing is impossible in the 21st Century, however, so the ability to play Poker with other people online over a live stream was quite quickly achieved. 

Popular Live Casino Games

Obviously it is very hard to beat the real thing, but Live Poker is ten times better than the online Poker that preceded it, in which it was pretty much impossible to bluff properly. That all changed when players could see each other’s faces whilst playing, it makes the whole experience a lot more genuine. 

Live Blackjack 

It just would not be right if Blackjack, one of the most popular casino table games, did not get the live casino treatment. As with Roulette it is a pretty simple game to transform into an example of live casino, and it has very quickly burst into genuine popularity. 

Popular Live Casino Games

When you consider how easy Blackjack is to pick-up this should come as no surprise. Advanced players will also enjoy the added privacy, meaning that they can count cards without worrying about the casino getting involved. 

Live Bingo 

One of the biggest live casino success stories of the past few years is without a doubt Live Bingo. For one reason or another it has achieved a huge buzz, people just cannot get enough!

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