What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry cover

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

The innovation of the eyeglasses was revolutionary. It allowed people with vision problems like short-sightedness and astigmatism to function in daily life without the need for any surgical intervention. Just putting on a couple of medically crafted and measured lenses made life literally look better. It is a simple yet groundbreaking solution that meant a better quality of life for those impacted. 

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

Eyeglasses with treated lenses evolved into sunglasses that are crucial to preserve the eyes’ health and protect against harmful UV sun rays, which can cause a myriad of sight complications and in worst cases may lead to blindness. Targeting medical purposes and catering to different personal styles and tastes, the eyewear industry is steadily growing, and it encompasses all products designed to be worn on the eyes. With classic brands and new younger ones emerging, the industry is flourishing.

This is perhaps only one reason behind the rise in the eyewear industry; below are some more to add on.

Health Awareness

People are now more concerned about their health and well-being. Knowledge is accessible to all, and good quality life is attainable especially with fixable issues such as vision correction. More people are seeking treatments and are accepting to wear eyeglasses. Especially with old age, the need for glasses substantially increases among both men and women as sight starts to deteriorate due to muscle weakness. At that point, embracing the eyeglasses will not be a matter of choice. 

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

This has increased the demand for affordable drugstore reading glasses, opening up a huge market to cater to this new segment. People are now more willing to seek a suitable pair of spectacles since they can find them everywhere in tons of different shapes and powers. And as the eyewear specialists at sharkeyes.com explained, just because they are meant for “older folks” doesn’t mean they need not be boring! With a one-stop-shop for superb stylish sunglasses and reading glasses, you can go ahead and pick a pair of jazzy cheetah print glasses for your granny’s 70th birthday; they’ll make her day!

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A Way of Self-Expression

Just like any piece of accessory, eyewear is now a part of an outfit. In older days, you would see your mom rocking her classic Versace shades day in and day out with all kinds of outfits since it was such a luxurious piece. However, today, the average female owns more than three or four pairs of sunglasses, if not more, which she changes as per the look she’s going for that day.

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

In the past, sunglasses are only saved for “sun” time as the namesake implies, but now, it is considered a fashion accessory, and it’s even completely acceptable to see people wearing sunglasses at night and indoors! Celebrities are rocking them on every red carpet and awards nights. Regardless of how logical/illogical that is and how annoying for us — daytime sunglass wearers — it is a flourishing trend! 

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

Luxury high-end brands still have their cult status and their place in the market, but there is a huge demand from the younger generation for fresh new brands that create unique pieces at affordable price points. With new hippy lens shapes and styles made available, frames made out of unique materials like bamboo are now hugely popular thanks to the sustainability craze going around. Also, most of the popular clothing brands release dozens of eyewear styles every season so that customers can buy a pair with each outfit. Contact lenses are another widely popular kind of eyewear. People get the chance to sport different eye color every day as the mood strikes. Yet, some people use medical ones for vision enhancement sparing themselves the unattractive — dubbed by some —  “nerdy” look of the spectacles. 

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What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

An Affordable Risk-Free Option

Most sight issues could be corrected by surgical intervention. Choosing eyeglasses, however, is the more financially feasible option for many. It’s true, though, that corrective vision surgeries like LASIK, for example, have been more popular recently because of their non-invasive nature and rising commonality, but still, they are considered quite expensive for the majority of the people, and not everyone is up to having their cornea delayered by a laser machine!

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

Indispensable Need for Eye Protection 

Goggles used in many professions do not have alternatives, which means that it’s a profitable market for the eyewear industry, guaranteeing ongoing demand that most likely will never cease. According to experts, safety eyewear can be vital for maintaining your eyesight. It is even law-enforced that certain jobs are not to be performed unless proper gear including goggles are used. Be them safety goggles for metal welders or lab chemists or even diving goggles, these items are irreplaceable and will always have customers. In fact, manufacturers are now going the extra mile and personalizing these utilitarian-by-nature pieces. This is especially true with sportspeople who wear goggles as part of their uniforms like skiers and snowboarders. It seems that nowadays, it is all about personalization.

Increase in Screen Time

We are all guilty of this harmful habit. We spend hours on end with our eyes glued to our mobile phones or computer screens. Be it for work purposes or mindless scrolling on Instagram, the pressure this puts on our eyes is immense, not to mention how it causes poor and disrupted sleep cycles. And this has opened up shelves’ spaces for blue-light blocking glasses aiming to take care of this new bother. Manufacturers have taken to social media bloggers and influencers to market this new product since they would sound credible enough, given the nature of their work. However, it is still debatable whether these glasses actually serve the claimed purpose or not. But, since there is no harm arising from wearing them until proven otherwise, then, by all means, jump on that blue-light-blocking wagon! 

What Contributes in the Rise of the Eyewear Industry

The eyewear industry has been around for quite some time. It was initially born out of necessity to “fix” a problem but later grew into another dimension, giving people the opportunity to express themselves and choose how they want to be seen. The industry is definitely getting bigger with no signs of slowing down. 

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