Will 2020’s Models Follow The Genderless Trend Cover

Will 2020’s Models Follow The Genderless Trend?

Male cosmetic surgery has typically been dominated by masculine-leaning procedures such as liposuction, jaw and nose work. Now, Mens Health report that the amount of men leaning towards gender-neutral surgeries is soaring, with smoothed jawlines and filler-like lips in hot demand. With the youngest generations more comfortable than ever with the concept of gender, questions are being asked as to whether modeling will follow the trend.

Will 2020’s Models Follow The Genderless Trend

Ease of access

Models and their shoots often follow the creativity and imagination of studio designers, who in turn rely on the world around them. This is reflected by the catwalk, and there are indications that the experimental and free spirited modern world is here to stay; Vogue claims designs of that type are set to dominate in 2020. Cosmetic surgery has not often been part of this project; however, with the advent of quick clinics, medspa and related outlets, it’s easier and quicker than ever to undergo certain cosmetic procedures. As a result, you may expect more male models to follow the trend – even those with lower levels of exposure to the spotlight.

Will 2020’s Models Follow The Genderless Trend

Interest from the big houses

Big fashion houses are taking note of the move towards gender-less society. In early December, British fashion mag Elle reported that Balenciaga had a distinct range of gender-less clothes debuting on the catwalk; likewise, Martine Rose debuted ranges that subverted the expectations of male clothes in a classy yet unique manner. With big fashion houses and designers on board the impetus of the industry will be towards more equality in design, ultimately to the benefit of the diversity of male models.

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The models themselves

Forgetting trends within the fashion industry that would push models towards gender-neutral styles – what do the models themselves identify with? The World Bank estimate that there could be millions of non-binary men across the world today, and the fashion industry and male models must be representative of that. To pursue a positive outlook for these men, it will be beneficial to see the gender-less trends across the world to provide representation and pause for thought.

Marco Bozzato by Sofia Goncharenko for Haze Magazine Winter 2020

The youngest generations of the world have been typified by their confidence in accepting differences in gender. Modeling reflects society, and this has clearly been seen in gender-neutral designs and trends from fashion houses and agencies around the world. To be truly representative, this trend will continue and grow throughout 2020.

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