5 Advantages of Using and Buying Cruelty-free Products

Millions of animals are harmed or killed just so companies can make a bigger profit and consumers can get their hands on the latest trendy items. In cosmetics, it is unfortunate that there are already alternatives to animal testing, but companies still choose to test on animals because it’s cheaper. However, in apparel and accessories, the rise of natural and cruelty-free products is a sign that people want to move away from such practices and are embracing the innovative and kinder way.

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Vegans have stayed away from products that harm or take advantage of animals. Their advocacy and lifestyle has saved millions of animals and has forced a lot of companies from different industries to innovate and come up with cruelty-free products. The shift is not without their challenges, but the change is not without merit. Here are some advantages of shifting to cruelty-free products:

  • Discourages the poaching of endangered animals.

This is one of the most critical importance of shifting to cruelty-free products. The poaching of endangered animals is a million-dollar dark industry. The animals’ tusks, horns, fur, and internal organs are sold for different purposes mostly for unsubstantiated medicinal reasons. The use of fur from the hides of endangered animals has long been discouraged and celebrities that sport these apparels are criticized. Moving away from products derived from endangered animals will cost this practice millions and ultimately, it will die down.

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  • It is safer for you and the environment.

In cosmetics, the use of animals has become obsolete because of the advancement of science wherein cultured cells can be used for testing and would give more conclusive results. Results from animal testing can be inconclusive and it would translate into the products that would subsequently enter the market. 

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Housing and raising the animals to be used for testing or as materials generate dangerous amounts of wastes. These come from animal carcasses or their excrement and disposing of these materials will harm the environment if not done properly.

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  • It is sustainable.

The materials from cruelty-free products often are not derived from animals. This means that they are synthetic or they come from plants that are more sustainable. The rise of natural-based products has attracted modern consumers. Vegan apparel, vegan accessories, and vegan purses are becoming not only a trend but a call to end cruelty to animals in our daily necessities. The use of plant-based instead of animal-based products is easier to sustain because some of these plants can be grown in fields with less maintenance and in a shorter period of time. 

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  • Peace of mind

It may be intangible but it doesn’t diminish the merit of having peace of mind that you know you are not harming animals. Awareness and taking action to make an impact to change for the better will always make you feel good and that alone will benefit your wellness.

It is apparent that the benefits of using these revolutionary products do not only save animals but also benefit the consumers. There are already thousands of companies that support and provide cruelty-free products. The quality is on par or better than conventional products and they are sustainable. We must be conscientious consumers and evolve as race and we can make that vote with our own money.

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    It is. We have to be aware of using cruelty-free products only.

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