5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe cover

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

When studying law (or any other subject for that matter), your main focus should be set on your studies. Even so, you can’t forget about other important things, such as your wardrobe. You can’t slip into your pajamas and attend classes or, even worse – happy hours or conferences. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

In the law world, there are plenty of fashion styles to use. In the end, it all comes down to your preference and your needs. If you wish to look slim, you’ll naturally pick clothing that lets you achieve that. But, there are still certain pieces of clothing that any law student should have in their wardrobe. Let’s see what these include. 

  1. Nice and Casual

If you thought that this article will focus only on suits and blazers, you’ve been mistaken. It can be really time consuming, not to mention uncomfortable, to dress highly professionally on a daily basis. Yes, there will be times when you have to wear professional clothes and basically dress up but, when you need to attend classes – staying comfortable is ideal. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

Some good choices for your casual wardrobe include jeans, fitted t-shirts, sweaters, and scarves that will keep you warm. In this sense, your law school outfits are definitely up to your fashion style and preferences. However, this doesn’t mean that you should look too casual and show up in class with ripped jeans or sweats. Aim for comfortable, but also stylish. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

Many law students want to look the part and therefore, purchase an entire costly wardrobe to wear on a daily basis. If you do this, you’ll find yourself struggling to get ready in the morning. Remember – you have a lot of workload in law school, and looking as if you’ll appear in court any minute takes a lot of preparation. Of course, I can recommend a great tool for getting some extra time to pamper yourself, such as services offer law essay help in the UK and worldwide. However, while ukessay.com can handle your written assignments when you get stuck, you still won’t have a lot of time to dress up on a daily basis. 


2. Business Casual

If you want to learn how to dress fashionably in law school, you need to learn from actual law representatives. When you watch lawyers and other law experts, you’ll probably notice that they wear certain business attire. You might not attend as many happy hours or conferences as they do, but you definitely need a couple business casual outfits in case you are invited to these.  

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

This isn’t a full-suit-kind of wardrobe. It’s more like a halfway combination between business formal and nice and casual. For women, consider a pair of nude pumps and a white or bright sleeveless shirt tucked in a pencil skirt. For men, combine dark jeans and a suit jacket or one-button blazer. 

Since you can combine your business formal and your nice and casual wardrobe to achieve this, achieving business casual on a budget should not be tough at all. But, to be able to dress on a budget, make sure to fill your closet with one-colored, neutral pieces that go with many things. 

3. Business Formal

Here is the thing most law students can’t wait to wear. Since you’ll be wearing it a lot in the future when you actually work in the field, this is a great time to get used to it. Purchase at least one nice-fitting suit that you’ll wear at networking events and interviews. These are the times when you have to look professional because, in this world, first impressions are everything. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

In terms of business formal attire, women can wear skirt suits or pantsuit. There’s no wrong choice here. For men, it’s all about Alexandra Wood suits. But, oh, how many types and choices there are!

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4. Cocktail Attire

Cocktail events are rather frequent in the law circles, so you’ll probably attend a couple while studying law. These events are perfect for networking, so you should definitely look your best to leave great impression. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

For women who attend cocktail events, the attire doesn’t have to be a suit. This is the dressing code for men, but for females, it might be time to get that little black dress out. 

5. Briefcase Style

Briefcases come in many sized and shapes, not to mention colors. If you want to fit into the law world, you better get a few to add to your wardrobe. Make sure to have a classy briefcase for those formal attire events, as well as a sports style briefcase for semi-formal events. 

5 Best Outfits for Law Student Wardrobe

Naturally, for classes, you can wear your backpack with your casual attire. 


Filling your wardrobe for law school can be challenging and expensive, but not if you know what to get and how to buy on a budget. I hope that this guide helps. 

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Emma Rundle is a law expert at an insurance firm in Los Angeles. She has her Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in law. This gives her plenty of experience and expertise in handling all kinds of financial and law matters for her company. 

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