The Story behind the Inventors of the Slot Machine cover

The Story behind the Inventors of the Slot Machine

The first slot machines were invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt, and this version of slot machines had five drums which rotated and of course held some playing cards which is where the overall design comes from now, it was the first game of its kind ever to exist and due to this it managed to pick up some traction quickly.

Traditional vs Modern Slot Machines Cover

The story behind its invention is not all as cut and dry as that though and due to the tough nature of the game – as in – many different ways to win at Slotsuk.co.uk as there are thousands of card combinations to choose from, meant that this gave less opportunities to actually do so, and this meant that there were less resulting payouts. 

The invention of the slot machines we all know and love today 

The slot machines we have today had been invented in the 1895 time frame by a man known as Charles Fey and he did this as he thought that the previous slot machine design was just too complex and as such he set out to simplify them to just three symbols so there was less of a possibility to win from too many winning combinations and thus achieving more pay outs. He also gave us the bell symbols which back then was called the Liberty Bell. 

The Story behind the Inventors of the Slot Machine

Then after this, the slot machine that we all know and love today was taken to us in the mainstream by a man called Herbert Mills, who was then a salesman who was known for trading these slot machines all over the US in many different establishments like bars and restaurants ongoing to barbers and brothels before they made their way to the UK. 

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Before this happened however, there were laws which had been passed in particular states which stopped the playing of games and limited betting, and this meant that people had to get more creative and so the machines instead started to make the pay outs in fruit flavoured bubble gum as the prize, and so the cherry and melon symbols come from this – and that was all so they could get around the laws and allow gamers to carry on playing. 

The Story behind the Inventors of the Slot Machine

It was later on when the bar symbol was introduced, and this all started after one of the big slot machine makers in the 50s introduced it, and now it is as an adaptation of the bell-fruit corp logo, the original makers. 

Slot machines now 

The slot machines that we all know and love today are far different to the ones that had been played back in the day, but not all that different. And as such, the concept of slot machine gaming remains the same. 

The Story behind the Inventors of the Slot Machine

Slot machines now are still as fun as they ever were, even though there are many differences in the games and how they are played, and thankfully we do not have the restrictive rules in place in the mainstream like we did then.

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