Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men Cover

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men

In this modern day and age, men are becoming more conscious about their appearance. Gone are the days when the only option for men is to sport a short, medium, or long hair length. Nowadays, there are so many haircuts styles for men to choose from and it can prove to be overwhelming.

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men

However, even if there are a number of haircut styles that men can choose from, the fact remains that most of them don’t have a clear idea of what best suits the frame of their faces. The style experts behind WiseBarber.com published an article in https://wisebarber.com/types-of-haircuts-for-men/, which lists down some of the most stylish types of haircuts for men. This is of utmost importance because knowing the exact cut that you want for your hair will not only help your barber, but it will also guarantee that you will leave the shop satisfied with the way your hair turned out. As such, here is a guide to the different styles of haircuts for men.


Blowout is characterized by a full-volume top with short or faded sides. The top is usually styled tall and the overall look of the haircut appears windblown. Men with an oval shaped-face will definitely rock this look.

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men

Buzz Cut

For men who want to be hassle-free when it comes to the maintenance of their hair, the buzz cut is perfect for them. It is a short and simple cut that is done with the use of a clipper, wherein the length of the hair is cut very close to the head. Men who sport this look only need to trim their cut every once in a while to maintain their fierce look.

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Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men


Comb-over is a classic haircut for men, which is suitable for those who have very fine hair. This is because a comb-over haircut can make the hair appear to have more volume. With a comb-over, a section of hair on top of the head is parted to one side and combed over the other.

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men

Disconnected Undercut

For men who are quite daring, a disconnected undercut can instantly make a statement. The cut is composed of a long section of hair on top, with significantly short sides. This bold contrast is best accentuated by a long and lush beard.

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men


Regardless of whether you prefer a classic look or a modern one, a fringe haircut can definitely add some personality to your hair. A fringe cut with front bangs is considered as a classic and timeless look while one that is side-swept is more contemporary. Most men with a fringe cut accentuate their look with hair highlights, making their hair appear fuller or sleeker, depending on the colors.

Guide to Different Styles of Haircut for Men

In conclusion, men are no longer restricted to two or three haircut styles that depend on the length of their hair. There are now several styles that men can consider, but the important thing is that you are comfortable with the overall look and feel of your cut. When you are comfortable with how you look, you will have the confidence to conquer and seize your day.

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