Features of A Rain Jacket

If you live in the United Kingdom or in the majority of tropical and subtropical countries, you are very familiar with the rainy season. The rainy season comes with all the discomforts of that wet and muddy atmosphere we’ve all come to dislike. But just because the rainy season brings with it some gloomy days, it doesn’t mean you can’t live through it in style. A staple in every wardrobe is the humble raincoat. We might overlook the raincoat as a purely functional piece. As much as this is true, getting and using a fashionable and feature heavy raincoat is easy. All you have to do is put it to a test of a few specific criteria.


One feature of a raincoat that is seriously overlooked is whether or not it’s breathable. According to the guys at Rains, your body reacts and produces its own heat to compensate. This is to make sure that your body stays at the even 37°C that allows for all human biological function. The problem with a non-breathable raincoat is that it very quickly turns into a sauna. We’ve all been there. We have a T-shirt, some jeans, and a raincoat. Pretty soon, when we take that coat off, we become painfully aware of all the sweat stains that have accumulated over the period of just an hour. It’s embarrassing. To combat this, be sure to use a raincoat that is as breathable as it is comfortable.


Length is another criteria by which to judge a raincoat. Most of us are in favor of very long raincoats. It covers most of our body and keeps the mud from getting past our mid shin bone. But this doesn’t address those that are on bicycles or motorcycles. If you’re on a motorcycle, having a long raincoat doesn’t allow you the mobility to shift years and sit comfortably.

For this purpose you would want a mid length raincoat, similar to a pea coat. So in the end, the length of the raincoat is up to you and the scenarios you’ll most likely see yourself in. 

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Features of A Rain Jacket — motorcycle on rain


The hood of a raincoat is meant to protect your face. Unfortunately, most hood designs are not very good. It should be able to comfortably sit on your head without pushing your hair down too much. It should have drawstrings that when pulled, can cover your entire face if necessary.

When there’s rain, there are often winds. If you are in the unfortunate position to be traveling against the wind, a good hood is a lifesaver. Since sudden rain is a reality for most of us in the UK, the ability to cover our head and face (especially if we have makeup on) can spell the difference between a great night and a lengthy retouch. 

Raincoats are necessary in all wardrobes. We never know when we’re going to need one. The weatherman can say “70% chance of rain” with a full sun outside. Other days, when we wanna go to the beach, A sudden downpour comes in and ruins our fun. For this reason, everybody should have a good raincoat. Follow the above criteria, and you cannot go wrong.

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