Eight Benefits of Upgrading to a Minimalist Wallet cover

Eight Benefits of Upgrading to a Minimalist Wallet

There is a reason why minimalist wallets are the current trend. If you have been using the same bulky wallet for years, here are the reasons why minimalist wallets are worthy upgrades:

  • It is kinder to your lower back

If you stuff your wallet with a lot of things, you may be hurting your back over time. The ‘fast wallet syndrome’ is not a myth, and you can easily get ailments like sciatica. The nerves that branch out from the lower back are linked to the core, back, and legs, and they should be protected from strain to achieve optimal body function. Minimalist wallets are, therefore, healthier to carry.

Eight Benefits of Upgrading to a Minimalist Wallet
  • It will extend the lifespan of your credit cards

Credit cards are quite fragile, and they can only take so much impact. The more you sit and shift with your cards in the back pocket, the more you ruin them. Replacing the credit cards regularly is not only frustrating, but it can get inconveniencing as well. A quality minimalist wallet will ensure that the only time you have to replace your cards is when they expire.

  • You don’t have to be worried about how your wallet looks

We tend to hold on to our wallets for years since they are dependable, and we grow fond of them. If the wallet in question, however, is the torn one that you have been using the 90s, it can get a bit tricky to whip it out in front of people. A sleek front pocket will boost your confidence and make you a trendsetter in your circles.

  • It will make you more organized
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If you have been using your wallet for a long time, you have no doubt accumulated many items, including gift cards, credit cards, and travel cards. Sifting through this pile can be tasking, and you don’t want to be one of those people who hold up the line when searching for a particular item.

A minimalist wallet is perfect because you will have to reduce the stuff you keep so that they can fit. Your wallet will, therefore, have only the essentials at any given time, and you can easily access whatever you need.

Eight Benefits of Upgrading to a Minimalist Wallet
  • You get more comfort

Seating with a bulging back wallet is uncomfortable, especially if you are seated on benches or bus seats. You will spend most of the time squirming to get a better sitting position, instead of enjoying the sitting break. You are better off with a streamlined front pocket that will not give you any nagging pain. Minimalist wallets promote an even sitting position and protect your back. 

  • It makes a fashion statement

If you appreciate a slim silhouette, you need a wallet that will complement your tight jeans or a fitting suit. A bulky wallet creates a bump that can ruin a perfect outfit, and it can even damage your favorite pants through stretching. Minimalist wallets, on the other hand, are not very obvious, even if you are in tight clothes.

  • It is more secure

Pickpocketing crimes are quite common, and you may become a victim if you walk around with a thick wallet jutting out from your back pocket. Front pockets are more restrictive, and criminals will have a harder time removing them. You can also fit a minimalist wallet and your phone in the same pocket so that you are sure that they are safe.

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Eight Benefits of Upgrading to a Minimalist Wallet
  • Front pockets are tighter for additional safety

It is easier for a wallet to fall out of your back pocket than it is in a front pocket. You will also be quicker to notice a wallet that has left your front pockets, which is why minimalist pockets are often recommended for people living in urban areas.

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  1. Very interesting

  2. The idea of a front pocket wallet is a good idea, especially to avoid tempting pickpockets. A minimalist wallet is great if a person uses on card or I guess Google/ Apple Pay.

    • fashionablymale

      Right! This is a good option for people who likes to use minimal wallets.

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