The Psychology of Fashion - What Clothes Say About a Person

The Psychology of Fashion – What Clothes Say About a Person

Whether you are going out for a date, to hang out with friends, shopping, or work, what you wear says a lot about you. Have you heard people talk about dressing for the occasion? Well, it has a lot to do with the impression. Although fashion – including clothes, shoes, accessories, and makeup – give the overall impression of who you are, clothes play a bigger role in this, which is we are going to look at it in a detailed way here. That said, let us dive in.

Dressing for Impression

People are cautious with what they wear because they want to give a certain impression. When going to work, an official look matters because it gives a corporate look when you meet clients, suppliers, and business partners.

Again, showing up for a business meeting in a sharp suit increases the chances of striking a deal as soon as you give the right impression.

Dressing for the Occasion

When going out for a date, you must be dressed to the occasion to fit. This means looking at the situation first. Some dates require you to be in a dinner dress of appropriate color while others can be attended while wearing a casual outfit.

According to experts, dressing for the occasion is crucial for people who are dating or anyone else. So, if you are reading up on how to end a hookup relationship, remember to read about what to wear on the day you will be saying goodbye.

Dressing for Comfort

Apart from dressing to impress and to the occasion, some people dress to be comfortable. These are the kind of people who do not necessarily care about what people will think of them. Today, they are in a pair of jeans because it is comfortable for them.

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Even when renewing their wardrobe, they consider the comfort they get by wearing certain clothes. If they want to feel warm, they will go for a fleece coat and jeans without a care about how they look. They will also wear a summer dress or shirt when going to the beach on a sunny Sunday to be comfortable.

Dressing for Trend

Fashion stars, celebrities, and many other people dress to move with the trend. They are always following clothes designers and other fashion stars online to see what attire is trending so that they can buy it.

Some are the fashion pioneers and influencers – you will always see them in new designer clothes trying to promote them, especially among the youths. To them, dressing and fashion are life, and most of the time they do not match their clothes to the occasion.


Clothes say a lot about people. As you can see, people go beyond dressing to cover their bodies. There is another reason, and this says who they are. There are those who dress for a formal look at work, others dress to maintain their fashion star status, and yet others dress to impress their dating partner. You too should know why you are putting on certain clothes today.

  1. very interesting

  2. in fact its better to dress in the own style ,and not following the “wath the media said “, your own personality is the best .and also what you feel at the day .
    my intrest going to genderequality style because i am a non binair person , but its not easy to find


    • fashionablymale

      Oh thanks Nick, for stepping by. Yes for sure, there’s nothing better to dress in your own style.

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