Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia Cover

Harper’s Bazaar Italia working out with Pietro Boselli

Mental health, ambitions, secrets, the Italian model and engineer tells his story For Harper’s Bazaar Italia workouts with Pietro Boselli.

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

He finds balance even when life does not flow smoothly and linearly, he has big plans in mind for a successful personal project, and thanks to his determination he has cultivated many passions. Pietro Boselli was the most photographed university professor in the world, before taking on the role of the full-time model. He told to Harper’s Bazaar about his spirit of adaptation, the pains that made him grow, and how much he loves good homemade food.

“In this video I made for Harper’s Bazaar, I show you how to workout without a gym, using only an old tractor tyre and a sledgehammer, which you can get from a scrapyard and a hardware store respectively.”

Pietro Boselli

Pietro, how did you live the quarantine, what did you miss and what, instead, did you realize you didn’t miss at all?

I certainly cannot complain, I believe that in life it is very important to know how to adapt and be grateful for what you have. I’ve been home for two and a half months, and I took the opportunity to do things that a more hectic life would not allow, projects that I had in arrears, read, study, write. And I certainly took the time to reflect, to call friends, to cook and train madly. I miss the opportunity to travel, but I have been lucky and in life I have seen many places and good memories keep me company. I don’t miss eating out, I prefer homemade food.

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

Let’s talk about education: what is the one you received? And how do you think the education you imparted to your pupils during your academic career?

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Studying and learning has always been a passion of mine. I am very curious and inquisitive. My education was certainly intense, in retrospect I do not know what pushed me to always give my best. In high school, at university, I always wanted to be at the top. I am grateful to have received this education and also to all those who participated in it. As for my pupils, I would like to think I had a positive influence, but it is difficult to measure.

“My role as a college math teacher certainly has less of an impact than what a teacher at school could be.”

Pietro Boselli

“My students were already young adults, motivated and interested in the subject. There were moments of satisfaction when I helped some of them make decisions regarding the academic and working future. But I don’t want to take more credit than I owed.”

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

What is your greatest asset?

Perhaps this should be asked of those who know me best. Let’s say that the quality I am most proud of is the desire to do it, always and at any cost, with so much energy. The greatest results are always achieved with work.

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

You showed us the best tricks for physical training. What is the secret to training the spirit?

Life often presents us with “exercises” for the spirit. They can be difficult moments to overcome, relationships that end, failures, disappointments. The important thing is to recognize that you cannot live in a constant condition of ecstasy. There are ups and downs and must be accepted as an integral part of life. We need to achieve balance, and find the positive element even in the obstacles: they strengthen us.

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Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

On social networks you have been busy talking about mental health. How do you deal with this topic?

Mental health is very important, and should not be overlooked. And the secret to caring for it is simpler than you think, however. We need to process all emotions and moods, give ourselves time to reflect. If something makes us worry, makes us feel sad, pain or even happiness, it is important to receive these emotions with open arms and without negative judgments.

“You can’t put everything under the carpet. Process emotions, and then go ahead and overcome the obstacle. I had difficult moments, perhaps during my doctorate, my model career or my private life, with betrayals or relationships that end. They hurt, but they must be recognized for what they are, then hey, time and determination make everything pass.”

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

Petra Design – the clothing brand you founded – was your experiment to combine what you love, fitness and fashion, and of course your academic background. What will be the next step?

As soon as the stores reopen we will be ready with a new collection, of which I am very proud. I think for the first time the product and the image of Petra have reached the level that I had prepared when I started this project, and it is still all to be revealed, new products and a new campaign. The launch of the new collection will be from Harrods, in London.

Pietro Boselli by Ollie Ali for Harpers Bazaar Italia

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Photography Ollie Ali @mrollieali 
Model Pietro Boselli @pietroboselli
Using @petradesign

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