Best Online Slot Themes for Men cover

Best Online Slot Themes for Men

No matter what kind of guy you are, there is bound to be a slot perfect for you that will not only provide hours of top-class entertainment but could also win you a pretty penny, too! It’s 2020, so we don’t want to be too presumptuous about what kind of slot theme you would like and when it comes to online video slots, a lot has changed in recent years – click to find out more.

Best Online Slot Themes for Men

There are fewer babe themed slots than there were in the past because research has shown that almost just as many women play slots as men so the demographic shifted the focus of slot game developers and led them to create slots which appealed universally to both sexes. From movies and mythology to football and fantasy, there is a ton of choice when it comes to choosing a slot game. Here are some of the best online slot themes for men, according to the guys who rate them! 

Film themed slots

Who doesn’t love kicking back on the sofa and sticking on a good film, snacks in hand? One of the most popular slot game categories for men is film-themed slots, which are usually based on action-packed films that ignited the excitement of viewers. For example, one of the most popular film-themed slots to play is based on the epic classic Gladiator. Gladiator slot not only gives players a cinematic experience but also gives them the opportunity to line their pockets. This exciting slot has become one of the top-rated film-themed slot games by incorporating the film’s most legendary scenes as well as the theme music and famous characters. 

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Best Online Slot Themes for Men
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Other popular film-themed slots include action-packed Jumanji and Terminator 2. However, if you love comedies and you’re looking for a more light-hearted film-themed slot, there is also a slot based on The Hangover which is a comedy about a bachelor party gone wrong which sees the lead characters Alan, Doug, Phil and Stu have an epic (and somewhat traumatic) time in Sin City. The slot, of course, features the four famous characters as well as the hilarious Mr Chow. 

Superhero themed slots

Who didn’t have a favourite superhero when they were a kid? As Marvel and DC have shown for decades, superheroes aren’t just for kids and can be equally enjoyed by adults too and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to superhero-themed slots. You won’t be short of choice when it comes to this category of slots and players can enjoy slots featuring their favourite superheroes including Batman, Iron Man, Superman, and Catwoman. TV game show themed slots

Best Online Slot Themes for Men

Other popular slot themes include TV game shows such as Who wants to be a Millionaire, Deal or No Deal and Big Wheel, all of which have proved to be extremely popular and very lucrative slot games as well as TV game shows. One can enjoy these with real sound from the show and interactive features which are similar to the original show.

Galactic-themed slots

Best Online Slot Themes for Men

Many players enjoy space and outer-space themed slots especially players who are fans of sci-fi as well as an interest in space and the galaxy. These themed slots are often visually stunning with vibrant colours and exceptional graphics to depict everything from supernovas, far away galaxies, planets, asteroids, shooting stars and spaceships.

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