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How Does CBD Helps in Sleep [Beauty Guide]

In this world full of anxiety, stress, and performance-pressure, getting a peaceful sleep has become a luxury. People are trying all sorts of activities to keep their mind calm and bodies relaxed, all because it helps them sleep better. Starting from sleeping pills to meditation, work-out, yoga, and plant-based diet, people in America are willing to stop at nothing to get the sleep they deserve. 

While it is praiseworthy how long Americans are willing to go to get a good night’s sleep, there is a simpler way to fall asleep at night, effortlessly—the answer is CBD oil and the potential is unlimited. 

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So, how can CBD oil help you beat insomnia and sleep better? 

Read further to know. 

The problem of insomnia in America

Do you know that more than a million Americans deal with insomnia on a daily basis? Most of them turn to description pills, which may come with their own set of side-effects, or can be quite addictive as well.

Now, this is something you need to learn as well. According to a recent poll, 14% Americans agreed that they are regular consumers of CBD-infused products. Out of them, 11% accepted that they use CBD oil to deal with their sleeping problems. 

Another great thing is that unlike sleeping pills, CBD oil is absolutely safe to consume and has no proven side-effects yet. Plus, it also helps in dealing with other health problems, including anxiety, depression, stress, and inflammation.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural compound grown by cannabis plants, specifically, hemp. However, you can be assured that consuming or applying any CBD-infused product cannot produce high in your brain, or in other words, get you stoned. Why? Well, CBD contains almost nil amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC, which is responsible for creating the ‘high’ in your brain, like in the case of marijuana and hashish. 

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Instead of getting you high, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, which regulates memory, pain, appetite, and related functions, to help the body achieve homeostasis, a state of complete balance. For this reason, CBD is known to have therapeutic effects on people. For this reason, CBD oil has become the shining star of the wellness industry. If you are wondering about the legal status of this cannabis compound, well, don’t because as per the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD has been legalized in all 50 states of the US. Click on this link to see top recommended CBD oils by experts.

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How CBD oil helps you sleep?

CBD oil has become a saviour for many people across the world, who claim that this miraculous product has relieved them from various health problems. One of these problems is insomnia, and believe it or not, people are having positive experiences and stories to tell about CBD oil. 

So, how CBD oil helps you sleep? Well, these reasons make sense to us. 

  1. It relaxes muscles

CBD has proven to be a lot of help for people dealing with tremors and movement disorders, as is the case in Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Disease. This also means that CBD oil reduces the stress from muscles and relaxes them. This relaxation leads to better sleep at night.

  1. It eases anxiety 

If you aren’t able to sleep at night, then chances are that you might be under stress or anxiety. Cortisol, the stress-causing hormone is responsible for anxiety, well, usually. CBD has proven to control cortisol and reduce anxiety in people, within a few days of its consumption. Thus, its ability to reduce anxiety and stress leads to better and improved sleep quality.

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  1. It eliminates bad dreams

People who suffer from nightmares due to REM sleep behaviour, often wake up at night and feel restless. This impacts their overall sleep quality and they feel tired all through the day. With a daily dosage of CBD oil, the quality of sleep can be improved and people can sleep without breaking their sleep at night. 

  1. Relief from PTSD 

Sleep disturbances and REM cycle issues are often the result of repressed traumas, depression, or PTSD. There have been a number of studies that have concluded that CBD can reduce anxiety caused by PTSD, which affects the normal sleeping cycle of an individual. 

  1. It also helps with pregnancy-induced insomnia 
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Many pregnant women suffer from insomnia due to stress, pain, nausea, and general problems that occur during pregnancy. CBD might be the answer to deal with these problems that hinder the sleep of pregnant women. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor before starting the CBD course. 

  1. It relieves from pain 

If you struggle from joint or muscle pain, then CBD oil will certainly help you fall asleep by reducing pain-induced insomnia. Many people have claimed how CBD oil has helped them ease their body pain and improved their sleep quality and CBDistillery is one brand which gets its reputation from such people, check the CBDistillery review before buying it for yourself.

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What does CBD & Sleep Research Say?

Although more research is needed in this area, some studies have concluded the argument in the favour of CBD. Many reports show that CBD and cannabinoids have the potential to improve your sleep. 

A 2018 study, published in Medicine Journal, revealed that cannabinoids in cannabis decreased the effect of insomnia in people. The data was connected from June 2016 to May 2018 and many of the participants suffered with severe insomnia. 

Another study, published in the Permanente Journal, concluded that CBD decreased sleep difficulties in people suffering from insomnia. The study was done on 72 adults suffering from anxiety and insomnia. Those suffering from anxiety scored an improvement of 79 percent after CBD-intake and people who suffered from insomnia showed an improvement of 66 percent after taking CBD.

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According to this study, a 10-year old suffering from PTSD and insomnia was treated with a 25 mg of CBD supplement. It was observed that the anxiety and insomnia of the girl improved after a few months. 

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There is however, a need to conduct more research and studies on CBD’s ability to provide relief from sleeplessness and related disorders.

How to use CBD oil to get better sleep?

When it comes to deciding the ideal CBD dosage for your sleeplessness, experimenting is the answer. There is no perfect dosage of CBD oil regulated by the authorities. Thus, it is on you to decide the dosage that helps you sleep better at night and keeps you alert during day time. The ideal CBD dosage differs from person-to-person. Some of the factors that decide the CBD dosage for every person depends on their weight, height, tolerance level, and potency as well as the quality of the CBD oil. It is recommended to consult your doctor or a medical practitioner about the dosage, especially if you are on medicines. 

It is advisable to take CBD oil about an hour before you go to bed. The good thing is that CBD oil and edibles tend to help people sleep better for longer hours. The same isn’t the result for other CBD-infused products, like tinctures and spray, which show effects immediately but they don’t contribute to longer sleeping hours. Thus, you shall go for oils over tinctures, if you are willing to sleep for a longer period of time and require better sleep. 


When compared to other sleeping aids, we think it is safe to say that CBD oil may have far better effects than traditional medicines. Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is one of the best CBD oils for sleep, if you want to buy it, please visit Cannabis Herald for coupon code

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 Since it is a naturally-occurring compound, it is safe to consume and usually, does not come with any side-effects. Also, it is advised to consult your doctor before starting your CBD oil course. When approved by a medical expert, you can start your CBD course on a regular basis, and soon, you will start seeing healthy improvements in your sleeping patterns. 

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