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The Cannabis Radar: What should you know about this Company?

Since its creation in April 2018, The Cannabis Radar has been a reliable source of information on CBD. 

You can find all the latest events, news, stories, and trends about CBD there. So, The Cannabis Radar is indeed your one-stop-shop for anything you need to know about the CBD industry.

Why is The Cannabis Radar reliable?

You can easily find websites that only post information from other websites by making minor changes. But The Cannabis Radar is run by a dedicated team well-versed with Cannabis. All six members of this small team are the reason behind the growth of The Cannabis Radar. 

All the members are qualified to give us the best collective resource on CBD. They only post about products that they have tested or used. So, despite the small size, the decades of expertise and commitment of the team make sure the latest and the best updates are available on the website every day.

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The website content is updated regularly. The Cannabis Radar is always one of the first websites to post the latest CBD news. The ten thousand visitors that visit the website daily clearly indicate that The Cannabis radar is a genuine website that shares reliable information.

They use affiliate links on the website. That means they earn a small commission whenever a user buys from their website without any extra cost to the user.

What useful information can you get from their website?


Under the guides section of the website, you will find everything there is to know about CBD oil.

  1. CBD Oil Benefits & Side Effects:
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Here you will find a detailed account of:

  • What CBD oil is
  • benefits of CBD oil
  • who should and shouldn’t use it
  • how it works
  • how long it takes to take effect
  • possible side effects
  • how CBD could interact with other medication
  • safety measures to take when using CBD oil
  1. Buying guides

You will find recommendations for buying the best CBD cream for pain, best CBD oil for anxiety, best CBD gummies, best CBD dog treats, and most affordable CBD oils. In each buying guide you will see:

  • factors considered to judge products
  • the list of recommended products
  • detailed concentration, ingredients, test results, and user experience of each recommended product
  • causes of the ailment
  • how the product works
  • how to use the products
  • how to select the dosage
  • how long it takes the products to show results
  • if there are any side effects associated with the product
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  1. Dosage

It tells readers how much CBD they should take. This depends on many factors like your age, genetics, the concerned ailment, CBD concentration in the product, and the consumption method.

You will also get to know how the bioavailability and method of consumption affect the dosage. 

  1. CBD laws in all 50 states of the country

47 states in the country have legalized the use of marijuana-derived CBD for medicinal purposes. 10 of those have also legalized it for recreational use. But these statements are very broad. 

Almost every state has a different rulebook when it comes to minute details. This section of the website is the only resource you need to understand the extent to which you can use CBD oil in all the states of the country.

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They have also given state-wise recommendations for the best CBD oils to buy. They have also provided instructions to buy CBD oil online in each of the states. 

  1. Detailed brand reviews

The Cannabis Radar provides detailed reviews of CBD products. All the posted reviews are based on the experiences of the team members. For example, here’s a review of Nuleaf Naturals.

They do not buy reviews to maintain the honest reputation of the company. So, the reviews here are the most genuine reviews you will see anywhere on the internet.

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Latest news and updates

You can find news and updates about Cannabis, CBD oil, and medical and health updates related to these products. Whenever there is an update, The Cannabis Radar is among the first sources to provide such an update in detail.

Deals and coupons to buy CBD products at low costs

We all can agree that CBD products can burn a hole in one’s pocket. Those who have it occasionally solely for recreation can discontinue CBD when they wish to.

But those who seek it for medicinal purposes must compulsorily buy these products. The Cannabis Radar helps you out with coupons so that you can buy CBD products at a discounted price.

They provide detailed instructions to make use of the coupon codes to avail of a discount. They also provide the FAQs, and pros and cons of the products so that you know the product well before buying.


There is no option to subscribe to their email list. How do I know about new posts on the website?

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They do not have an email subscription list to notify subscribers of new posts. To make sure you never miss an update from The Cannabis Radar, you can do two things:

  1. Pin Tab
  • Open Google Chrome on your desktop
  • Open The Cannabis Radar website in a new tab
  • Right-click on the tab and select “Pin”

Now you can see the Cannabis Radar website whenever you open the Google Chrome web browser. However, this can only be done on desktops.

  1. Follow them on Facebook
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For Desktop devices

  • Click on the top-right drop-down arrow
  • Go to “News Feed Preferences”
  • Click on “Prioritize who to see first”
  • Click on The Cannabis Radar page.
  • Click on “Done”

For mobile devices:

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Under settings, go to the “News Feed Settings” section
  • Click on “News Feed Preferences” and follow the same steps mentioned for desktop devices.

The Cannabis Radar shares all its website updates on its Facebook page. So, if you enable the “See first” option for their Facebook posts, their posts will be visible in your feed on priority every time you open Facebook. This way, you will not miss out on any of their updates.


The Cannabis Radar is among the most comprehensive sources of information for CBD. If you want any information about CBD or CBD products, you do not have to waste any time or effort in googling it.  The Cannabis Radar is the only resource you need.

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