How to Dress Well on Your Visit to the Casino cover

How to Dress Well on Your Visit to the Casino

Movies about casinos usually have an air of sophistication and grandeur to them. You may notice that most characters dress to the nines with their most delicate cocktail dresses and tuxes. While it isn’t always the case in real life, there is still some truth to it.

Casinos impose rules of decorum to maintain exclusivity and lower the risk of roughhousing within their establishment. Virtual casinos like Gclub (จีคลับ) may not impose a dress code, but they share similar principles when it comes to etiquette.

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Dressing well is a prerequisite if you are planning to visit an actual casino. The wrong suit or dress can even get you expelled or denied from entering particular establishments. However, not all casinos have the same rules. Before you visit a casino, you should consult their website to understand their policies.

How to Dress Up Appropriately for Casinos

The rule of thumb for all casinos is “no shirt, no service,” and there are three types of dress codes that casinos generally adhere to:

  • Casual
  • Black Tie
  • White Tie

How casual or formal you want to dress is up to you, but remember that certain places may kick you out if you sport flip-flops or sneakers.

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Casual Wear

What “casual” means in casinos is not the same as casual streetwear. “Casual” wear in casinos refers to button-up shirts, well-kept blouses, closed-toe shoes, and jeans.

Most establishments will allow you to enjoy their facilities so long as you keep your casual wear fresh and clean. When putting together casual wear, avoid clothing that looks worn or has gaping holes and undone hems. It is best to ensure that you are comfortable and look neat.


Black Tie

This standard, which has stiffer restrictions than casual wear, is what most casinos observe. For men, a white dress shirt and a dark-colored suit are preferable. For women, it’s acceptable to wear cocktail dresses with deep or neutral colors. The rules can change depending on the time you come to the casino.

White Tie

White tie is the typical portrayal of casinos in popular media. It is the fanciest dress code found in casinos and requires black tuxes with coattails, long gowns, coats with lapels, cuff links, and dress pants with satin stripes.

You may encounter white-tie restrictions in establishments that hold special events or cater exclusively to high rollers. While most casinos do not require you to wear white tie apparel, you should make it a point not to wear shabby clothing.

Dress to Impress

The way you dress will not give you a competitive advantage for any games you play in a casino, but it can open doors for networking with other players. Maintaining a clean look will make you seem more put-together and encourage others to interact with you.

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If you prefer to skip pleasantries and enjoy your favorite casino games, you can opt to register with online platforms like Gclub (จีคลับ). These virtual casinos have made it possible to gamble in your comfy onesies or pajamas.

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