Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances cover

Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

All eyes on you, handsome. Why? Because you have a beautiful complexion. Or should we say a magnetic appearance? Of course, that people cannot take their eyes from you when your tanned skin’s glowing, your hair’s sleek, and your attire’s dapper. 

Isn’t your skin glowing? Well, no man has a magnetic appearance with 0 care. Not even David Beckham. He is moisturising, and he’s doing it daily. He’s married to Victoria Beckham who has a beauty line, so it’s no surprise that he cares about his skincare. Also, he partnered with a men skincare brand to develop his own skincare collection to inspire other men to pay more attention to their appearance. 

Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

And yes, we know you don’t have time to commit to a 10-steps skincare routine because your business isn’t running itself. We’ll stick to David’s routine, and in 10 minutes you’re out of the house. Except if you spend more to pick your attire.

Why is skincare important?

Only because skincare doesn’t sound like a manly word (or so I heard), it doesn’t mean it’s not essential to everyone’s health (and everyone includes both women and men). Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and to achieve that magnetic appearance male models have, your skin needs to look good and healthy. How many male models have you seen with scaly skin? Do Calvin Klein models show signs of skin infections or diseases when they pose for magazines? Your best tool to achieve and maintain a sexy look is to adopt a good skincare regime that protects you against acne, wrinkles, and sun damage. 

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Yes, I know I said tanned skin is sexy, but sunburns aren’t. So before heading to the beach, you need to find out how to protect your skin from sun damage.

Skincare is as important for you as for your better half, but it won’t do you any good to borrow your girlfriend’s rose-scented face cream. Your skin is oilier and thicker, and it contains more collagen than your hers because the hormone levels in your body are different. This means that you are prone to various skincare issues

Your face is prone to getting more fine lines than a woman’s. Every time you smile, raise a brow or frown, you deepen the fine lines that develop because of facial expressions. Also, your skin has more sebaceous glands, and you’re more likely to get acne because of the excess sebum that clogs in your pores. 

Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

So, are the above statements scary enough to convince you to start a skincare routine? Good, it means you’re ready for the next lines.

Find out what your skin type is

Before hitting the buy-button and purchasing skincare products, determine what your skin type is. 

  • Normal – your skin doesn’t get dry or irritated quickly, and because the sebum levels are normal, you don’t struggle with acne
  • Oily skin – you have oily patches across your face, and it shines most of the day. Acne episodes are a regular occurrence. 
  • Dry/sensitive skin – your skin daily feels dry and tight, and it quickly gets irritated.
  • Ageing skin – you have age spots, wrinkles, and your skin looks weathered.
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Daily skincare routine

Cleanse your skin

When should you wash your face? When you wake up and when you go to sleep. In the morning, use a men’s facial cleanser made for your skin type to remove impurities. Before going to bed, use the same product to prevent bacteria clogging into your pores during the night and avoid oil sitting on your skin. 

It’s easier to get your facial cleanser in the shower, but if you don’t get a shower both in the morning and night, splashing warm water on your face also works. It’s best to wash in the shower because it opens your pores and allows the product to remove all impurities. As you apply the cleanser on the face, rub it in circles, then rinse with cool water to close the pores. Don’t rub your face because you can trigger premature wrinkles. 

Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

Should you throw the bar soap away? YES! Never use bar soap to clean your face, no matter if it’s natural or generic, its ingredients are too harsh for your complexion. 

Also, there’s no use to wash your face more than two times a day. Over-washing only sets your sebum glands into producing excess oil, and you don’t want it.

Scrub it

Using a scrub is similar to washing your face with a cleanser. Use warm water to wet your skin, and use a small amount of scrub to rub circles around your face. Focus on your neck, forehead and nose because they are areas with plenty of dead skin. Don’t go overboard with scrub even if your skin looks like it has plenty of dead skin cells. Once a day, and three times a week is enough. Over scrubbing your face can trigger irritation, excess oil production and dryness. Read the skin care review before buying a scrub to find out if it’s fit for your skin type.

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Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

I cannot stress enough how important this step is. Moisturise your skin both morning and night. Moisturising has a myriad of benefits for your skin; it makes it firmer, prevents ageing and stops water loss. Even if you’re in your 20s and you have at least 10 years before you notice any ageing sign, you should still moisturise to stimulate your skin to produce collagen and maintain its properties. Moisturizers provide your skin with hydration and essential nutrients to maintain your appearance youthful and healthy

Daily Skincare Routine for Men with Magnetic Appearances

After you pat dry your skin, apply a men’s face moisturizer on your face and neck. Focus on the eyes and forehead areas. And only because you have oily skin you don’t get to skip this step. Pick a product design for your skin type. If your moisturiser doesn’t include SPF, use a separate product. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before getting under the sun on all exposed parts to protect your skin from sunburns. 

Maybe you’re born with it. Maybe it’s skincare. No one needs to know. Shh!

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