The New Rules of Office Style For Men

While 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride from many aspects, a few things in life have stayed in place. They not only bring a sense of normalcy amid the chaos, but also give you something to look forward to during these times of distress.

Take fashion trends, for one. From sweatpants to slim fit pants, quarantine apparel has changed for men throughout the first half of the year. But now that some workplaces are in the process of reopening, it’s time to brush up your knowledge on the latest office style trends besides the so-called Zoom casual. 

KOLOR Men's Fall 2020 office outfit for men.
Kolor Men’s Fall 2020

Categorize Your Office Apparel

Flaunting your individual style is never a bad approach. But you often have to reel back from your wildest fashion choices in order to comply with your office dress code

But gone are the days when this was restricted to putting on similar looking slacks, the same color of dress shirts, and old-fashioned ties. Now, you can adapt to official dress code rules to make them work in your favor. 

This is why, one of the biggest trends of 2020 is to categorize your office apparel. This helps you flaunt your style while staying within the lines of official dress codes. Is it a crafty way to follow the rules? You bet it is. Do we mind it? Not in the slightest.

Office Apparel from Home outfit.

To make the most out of this approach, here’s the general categorization of most office apparels and what you can do with them.

The Creative Office Space

If you work in a creative space such as media or advertising, you can pair up some sleek slim fit pants with lace-up shoes. To complete the look, throw on a light-colored graphic tee with a shirt jacket in a darker shade. If you want to go the extra mile and flaunt your creativity in the process, choose some brightly patterned socks to tie it all up.

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iPad Pro 2020 Desktop Setup
iPad Pro 2020 Desktop Setup

The Behind-the-Scenes Workspace

Working in an industry such as marketing gives you the opportunity to flirt with business casual outfits. But you still need to maintain a certain level of refinement. Here, you can mix up dark-colored, tailored blazers with some plain tees or sweaters underneath. Throw in a pair of light-colored fitted slacks and slip-on shoes, and you have got yourself a trendy outfit. 

The Casual Tech Environment

Casual Tech Outfit for Men

If you work behind the scenes in a field such as IT, you can wear more casual outfits. But this doesn’t mean that you turn to the signature hoodie and vest. Instead, you can pair tailored, slim fit pants with a knitted full-sleeve polo shirt. Wrap it up with white socks and lace-up shoes to stand out of your IT crowd for all the right reasons.

The Serious Business Setting

Working in financial services or consultancy can come with a non-negotiable requirement of getting suited up. This is not a bad thing if you know how to spruce it all up. Classic shades of dark-colored suits can never go wrong. But you can further elevate the look with a patterned tie and boots. Bring it all together with a dress watch and a tailored bag to win at fashion and organization alike.

The Serios business outfit for man.

Following these trends can give you some much needed comfort of doing something normal during the current circumstances. But as you flaunt your new look, don’t forget to ensure that it complies with your official dress code requirements.

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