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How Shin Pads Protect Male Cricketers?

A player who has been through a severe injury can narrate the actual importance of shin pads. Besides him, the players who have seen him going through this entire trauma can never commit the silly mistake of ascending in the playground without shin pads.

Shin Pads

If you visit a sports shop, physically or virtually, you will see a huge number of shin pads. In case you don’t know, a shin pad is a shield for athletes to protect their shins from injury. Moreover, shin pads and shin guards are two different names for the same product. These guards are serving in every sport including baseball, cricket, soccer, hockey, lacrosse etc.

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The material of Shin Pads

With the recent advancements in the field of science and technology, we have come up much synthetic material. So the latest shin pads are made by using these synthetic materials mostly. Some common synthetic materials that are used for making shin guards are fibreglass, foam rubber, polyurethane etc. These materials are lightweight, sturdy and gives incredible protection.

Shape and Size

A shin pad should cover above the bend of your ankle when you flex your feet to the couple of inches below the knee.

These pads are available in different shapes and sizes. Their prices also vary depending upon the shape and size. Depending upon their structure and size, shin pads are available for different purposes.

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To choose a correct size of shin guard make sure to measure your height. Your height should be compared with the shin guard size chart to figure out which shin guard size would be perfect for you. The larger and longer will be the shin pad, the more protective it will be.

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How Shin Pads can Help You?

No matter if you are an adult or a kid, shin pads are important for everyone. After wearing them, you will be able to focus on your game only without worrying about the injuries. Moreover, you will be able to try your favourite kicks or run up and down the pitch valiantly.

Shin pads are for the safety and protection of the players. The most important function of a shin pad is to protect the soft tissues, bones and muscles in lower extremities from foreign attack. In addition to that, their job is shock absorption and facilitates energy dissipation. Most importantly, shin pads decrease the risk of severe injuries.  

Shin pads have the remarkable ability to reduce the effect of harsh touch by absorbing it or by dissipating it across itself.

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If you are going to buy shin pads for the very first time then you must be a little nervous about the quality and size. You don’t have to worry about; we have covered everything for you! Your favourite shin pads are just one click away. You can buy shin pads online at kookaburra at highly affordable prices and best quality. So gear up for the most exciting sports experience where you will encounter fewer injuries and more fun!

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