8 Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness cover

8 Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

If you’re a man and losing your hair, you are probably not feeling your best. You want to curb your hair loss before it really gets out of control.

You want to avoid going bald. You want to keep an eye out to see if you are going bald so you can know if and when to take action.

So how do you know that you might be going bald? What causes baldness and is there anything you can do to avoid it?

We’ve put together this guide on the early signs of male pattern baldness.

1. Hereditary

Hereditary influences is the most common reason for hair loss. You should ask if anyone in your family was bald if you don’t know already.

Beware, however, this reason comes with many myths. The most popular is that the ‘baldness gene’ comes from the mother’s side of the family. 

The fact is that bot much research has not been done in this area and it is still a relatively new field of discovery. You should meticulously analyze if baldness has been common on both sides of your family before you worry about whether or not you might lose your hair.

8 Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

2. Receding Hairline

If you notice that your hairline is receding, this is a sign that you might go bald. This starts with your hair thinning at your temples as well as your forehead.

A receding hairline means that your hair will thin and then fall out. You are left with a horseshoe aesthetic on your head. A receding hairline can also lead to baldness, though not necessarily. If you are experiencing a receding hairline, you can speak to a doctor on whether they think this will lead to baldness.

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3. Your Crown

You should also keep an eye on the crown of your head. You can also lose hair on your crown. If you do, this can lead to eventual baldness.

You want to check if there is any thinning at the crown of your head as soon as possible. You can ask your doctor if they feel this will lead to baldness.

4. Curly Hair

Having curly hair, believe it or not, can lead to baldness — if your hair is naturally straight. If you find that you see curly hair near your hairline, this can lead to you losing your hair.

You might see curly hair appear once your hair on your crown begins to thin. If this happens, then you should seek solutions to prevent balding as it is now much more likely to happen.

5. Aging

As you age, the chances of going bald increases. Once you go past the age of 50, you can expect your hair to thin. This doesn’t mean that you will go bald, but the likelihood increases.

You want to make sure that you eat healthily, have a healthy lifestyle, and try to avoid using damaging hair products if you want to avoid baldness at a later age. Hair thinning is natural and inevitable, but this doesn’t have to mean that you will lose your hair altogether.

8 Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

6. Wide Parting

If you notice that your hair has wide partings, this can lead to balding. When you comb or part your hair, take a close inspection at the parting. If you find that the parting is wider than normal, then you want to start focusing on regrowing your hair.

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When you see a wide parting, you should also pay attention if your hair is thinning. If both occur, then this increases the likelihood of balding.

7. You Have Dandruff

If you have dandruff, this can cause more serious issues in the future. Most men see dandruff as an inconvenience that will one day disappear. But if you have dandruff for long enough, it can lead to baldness.

Dandruff means that there is a lack of hydration and oil production in your scalp. It leads to poor scalp health which, in turn, can lead to baldness. If you do experience dandruff, you want to take the steps to fight against it. You want to invest in an anti-dandruff shampoo, for example.

If the problem persists, you should speak to your doctor about how you can deal with dandruff. Even if this never leads to baldness, you want to make sure your scalp is as healthy as possible so that you never increase the risk of balding.

8. Sensitivity and Pain

Do you ever feel a sensitivity or a vicious pain on your head? When the weather is hot or cold, do you feel an unbearable pain at the top of your head? This might lead to balding.

This happens when your hair is thinning. When your hair is thinning, it cannot serve as adequate protection for your head. As a result, the pain and sensitivity continues to increase when you go out in hot or cold weather.

If you notice this sensitivity and/or pain, then it might mean that your hair is thinning. If you find that it is, then you need to take action. One simple precaution is to cover your head when you go out so that you can prolong your hair and scalp health.

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8 Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

What to Do When You Spot the Early Signs of Male Pattern Baldness

As a heads up, if you do find out you are experiencing the possibility of going bad, we want you to find a way to stop this. To start, You can check out these helpful vitamins to combat your baldness.

Alopecia, or hair loss can affect your scalp as well as body hair. It can be temporary or permanent. This can result due to hereditary reasons, medical conditions or ailments, or aging.

Look After Your Hair

Now that you know the early signs of male pattern baldness, you are better prepared to prevent and treat balding. Make sure to share this guide with other men who are worried about balding.

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