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What’s Up With Free Webcams Online?

Whoever said you had to pay a fortune to get some fine entertainment? And by fine, I mean super-hot and sexy online company?

We all get the “heat” sometimes. It’s just how we’re wired. So, what’s a person to do when they’re dying to get some action, but no viable opportunity seems to present itself? Well, they can always seek solace in the company of cam girls or boys online. 

Make that cam girls and cam boys, whichever way you like!

In spite of what you might be hearing from other “enthusiasts” like yourself, getting a front row seat to these live shows doesn’t always have to be expensive. Of course, there’s that “Only Fans” thing that’s going around lately that requires you to pay for admission (read more). However, there are also tons of free webcams you can access without having to pay for anything.

What’s Up With Free Webcams Online

Before we get into that, I want to make sure we’re all on the same page here. Let’s talk about the camming industry first, in case it’s your first time hanging around these parts of the internet.

What Is Camming?

If you were paid just to go about your business while other people watch, are you willing to do it?

Well, that’s what camming basically is. It is when people pay to see you on live video and witness whatever it is you are doing. And you guessed it; it’s not like people will pay to see someone cook, clean, or whatnot. They’re tuning in to see what happens in “private,” if you know what I mean. 

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Of course, this is not a job for everyone – and nobody’s really forcing anyone! Camming, at least for active sex workers, just seem to be a better alternative compared to having real intercourse with strangers. It’s much safer too, health-wise. They have total control over what to show and what to do when they’re camming; they can easily resist advances that are too much for them without putting themselves in any physical risk.

Why do people get into it? For the most part, it’s the fat paycheck. Like cam boys in their hey day can earn up to $6000 per month, oftentimes excluding tips from generous customers. Compared to sex work, this is a hefty payday, and this is mostly due to the fact that they can service a whole lot more people at the same time when camming.

NOW, question is, if cam boys are earning that much, doesn’t that mean their viewers have to pay a lot to get in on the action? Here’s the catch.

Do You Always Have To Pay To See Cam Boys and Girls?

Lucky for you, there are camming websites that offer free admission – either as a limited time offer to attract new clients, or as a matter-of-fact kind of thing. You can visit livefreecams.com porn site to know more about them. You may be wondering how camming companies can afford to show themfor free. Well, there’s a reason for that.

For free camming websites, admission may be free, but you have the option to “tip” them on screen to give you some VIP treatment. There are all sorts of gimmicks, and most of them oncamming websites come up with their own idea of “fun” to cater to different types of fetishes customers may have. There are menwho are a bit on the vanilla side; there are also those who commit to showing their audience a hardcore show. You have the option to choose which rooms you enter to satisfy your personal preferences. 

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Photo by Joe Lally

“Tipping” is the term used when a viewer sends money to have the person on screen execute his command – VIP treatment, as I mentioned earlier. There are rules to this, as camming companies also protect their talents from over-the-top requests. 

Tipping can often be used to influence only some areas of the show (e.g. what sex toy to use next, the control level of a vibrator, etc.). In other words, you can get them do some pretty wild things if you tip her a little. The higher the tip, the more extreme commands you can make. If this is your kind of thing, your idea of a wild night, then better check out camming websites today!

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