10 Tips For Being A Great Companion

10 Tips For Being A Great Companion

According to Gentlemen 4 Hire, companionship is more than friendship as it is more of a fellowship, a familiarity, and closeness between two people that truly connect on a deeper level. Oftentimes, good companionship will depend on how one presents themselves to their significant others and the public. In that regard, the following are ten tips for being a great companion:


There is nothing that spruces up a good outfit and makes one look fashionable than a few well-chosen accessories. Classic accessories such as sunglasses, a nice scarf, watches, and jewelry can help upgrade your outfit. As a companion, it is worth investing in some top-quality accessories as most of these items will last for years before needing to be replaced.

Have a Signature Scent

To develop that familiar feeling, sometimes you need to develop a signature scent associated with your presence. There are all kinds of colognes that you can get at any department store that you should then use consistently. A great cologne is one that will blend in well with your natural scent. Depending on who you will be spending time with, you can layer or combine products for a unique scent. 

Be Well Groomed

No one wants to spend time with someone who looks disheveled. A great companion has fashionable grooming habits that include keeping hair regularly trimmed and brushed, shaving regularly, and having clean, trendy clothes. If you will be going to formal functions where formal dress is required, it is critical to have well pressed and fitting suits. 

Have a Stylish Home

Being a great companion is more than what you wear as sometimes you will have to have people over. It is critical to create a fashionable and fun home where your guest or guests can relax. A stylish home does not have to be very expensive as simple things such as a bookshelf with a variety of books, well-chosen furniture, an exotic rug, and simple games such as darts and monopoly can go a long way in making your home look fashionable.

Have a Personal Style

Fashion is highly versatile, but one of the most critical aspects of style is to have one that is just right for you. While there are many fashion trends out there, a great style is one that you feel comfortable in and matches personal tastes. That being said, a great companion also takes into account the needs of the person they are with as everyone has a preference on what they believe is appropriate.

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Buy Great Shoes

Opt for simple, timeless designs for your dress shoes. If you are attending formal events, then you want shoes whose soles, patterns, and colors are not in any way fussy. Good quality leather shoes with no frills will last a good five to ten years and are well worth the investment. For less formal engagements, classics such as loafers and brogues should work well.

Dress for the Setting

Companionship is all about ensuring that the person you are with is comfortable. The setting where you will be spending time will influence what you wear. Since clothes are a code, the appropriate wear for a lazy Sunday in the pub is not what you will wear for a formal dinner. It is a mark of respect for the person you are with to wear something that will make both you and the person you are spending time with comfortable. 

Buy a Suit Rather than Hire

While the occasions for wearing formal dress may not be that many, you will be expected to be well dressed when the occasion calls for it. Dinner suits may be expensive but they are worth the money as you can use one for several years before. With hiring, there is the danger of getting oversize or too tight suits, which will not be a good look for you or the person you are with.

Have a Great Physique

While not everyone will expect their companion to look like a reincarnation of a Greek god, it pays to have a good physique. Get in shape by joining a gym and training to get the body shape that other people will find desirable. Gyms do not cost a lot, and it should take you just a few months to be on the way to the V-taper shape that women find irresistible. 

Work on Confidence and Body Language

A significant component of style is about being self-confident and having great body language. Before anything else, you need to know who you are and what you stand for. Practice standing with a confident and comfortable pose and work on being confident in different situations and circumstances, and you will make a great companion. 

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While these tips are not in order of importance, it is critical to work on hitting most of them to be a good companion. If you are ready to do the work, it is possible to have a successful companionship, which is one of the most satisfying relationships two people could ever have. 

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