BTS for Esquire Winter 2020-2021 by Hong Jang Hyun cover

The Magnificent 7: BTS for Esquire Winter 2020/2021 by Hong Jang Hyun

Really nice feature of The Magnificent 7: BTS for Esquire Winter 2020/2021 by Hong Jang Hyun.

The Magnificent Seven: RM, SUGA, j-hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and V aka BTS on the new cover of Esquire photographed by Hong Hang Hyun.

And so because we know you, like us, could never get enough of RM, SUGA, j-hope, Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook, and V, hit the link in our bio for more photos of BTS you won’t see in the issue.

“We and our #ARMY are always charging each other’s batteries,” RM says. “When we feel exhausted, when we hear the news all over the world, the tutoring programs, and donations, and every good thing, we feel responsible for all of this.” The music may have inspired the good works, but the good works inspire the music. “We’ve got to be greater; we’ve got to be better,” RM continues. “All those behaviors always influence us to be better people, before all this music and artist stuff.”


BTS have already conquered the world, clowned tyrants, inspired individual fans to perform the small and achievable acts of activism that have collectively begun to save the planet, challenged toxic masculinity by leading with vulnerability, and, along the way, become bajillionaires and international idols.

Whether the Grammys are paying attention matters about as much as what an Ed Sullivan audience member expected to see that night the Beatles appeared in 1964. BTS have already won. More on BTS’ Grammy pursuit in our Winter cover story at the link in our bio.

Listen BTS latest album “BE”.

More than we had space for in the magazine and in the cover story on Esquire.com @esquire.
BTS for Esquire Winter 2020:2021 by Hong Jang Hyun

See the Behind The Scenes video of this shooting

Photography John Hang Hyun @hongjanghyun
Styling team in Seoul led by Hajung Lee @very_hj and Hyesu Kim, Sil Hong, Heeji Seo, Bokyung Kim, Chohee Lee. Stylist: @nicksullivanesq 
Hair by @bit.boot_mujin@bit.boot_hansom also Hyein Lee, Daeun Lee
Story by @daveholmes
Esquire Ed-in-Chief @michaeljsebastian
Design Director @rw3ll
Executive Director, Entertainment @randipeck 
Producer Lee Kyung Kim @blcreativehouse 
Thanks to @alfonsofn @rashadminnick in NYC.

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  1. BTS best K-pop artists of all the time. Yay,😚

  2. Every member of BTS is special!!!

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