Best Tips to Rewrite Content without Sacrificing Quality

Best Tips to Rewrite Content without Sacrificing Quality

Churning out original content day after day, week after week, paper after paper – is challenging, to say the least. This is why most people these days look for an alternative, something that gets results without the extra effort. The thing that saves most time and serves a great purpose when you’re out of ideas or motivation is repurposing ready content. 

Plagiarism is not just unethical, but it’s also forbidden, frowned upon, and illegal. Here are a couple of tips that will allow you to rewrite ready work without copying content.

Read the Original More than Once

You can only rewrite a piece and make it original if you fully understand it. Before you get started, read every passage of the original at least several times. Make sure that you understand the big message of the essay, its purpose, as well as all the statements the writer made. 

Get Help with It

If you’re struggling with delivering original content, you can always do what students do – buy it from professionals. Very often, the mind strays and cannot come up with anything original. You might try to use various sources for the assignment, but the checker still shows copied content. When this happens, your best move is to request help from the best essay writing websites. Such sites have experts on board who specialize in using research data to support claims, all whilst creating original content of high quality.

Use Several Posts to Create Your Own

Rewriting a single piece is a step toward disaster. Most plagiarism checkers, including the simplest ones, can find many same phrases and ideas if you use a single source. To avoid this, find several related posts and combine them into your own, original work. 

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Change the Structure

If you’re rewriting, let’s say an essay, your work will not only be similar, but also look similar to the original. This works better if you use a different type of content and turn it into your kind. For example, if you’re writing an essay, why not use a guide or whitepaper to source your ideas from? This way, you can turn points into paragraphs, do some changes to the introduction and conclusion, and you get an entirely different piece from the original. 

Always Write an Original Introduction

Speaking of the introduction, even when you rewrite or repurpose content, make sure to create an original start for your content. The opening paragraph is what your readers first come across. As such, it needs to be original even if the rest of your content isn’t. This is why it is very important to understand the work you’re rewriting before you begin. 

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Add New Information

You can’t steal someone else’s ideas word for word. You can’t solely source to their sources or use the same headings with a different word arrangement. If you want this to work, you need to add some extra information to the content. Add new headings and subheadings and update the post with new information. This is what will make it different and original. 

Use Graphics and Visualization

In case you’re rewriting a piece that includes some figures or visuals, it is not a bad idea to include some in the rewrite, too. But, do not make the mistake of using the same photos. Make your own charts and pies, even if they include similar or the same information. 

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Rearrange Things

This is what comes to mind when people tell you to rewrite content. But, the idea isn’t only to rearrange the words or change a couple of them. To make it original, rearrange sentences and paragraphs. Change the order of the ideas as long as this doesn’t ruin the story. 

Give It a Personal Touch

Rewriting does not equal rephrasing. You’ll surely want to make things appear different even if you present the same information, but this should not be all that you do. 

Your content will appear more legit and original if it includes your voice. When you write the piece or rewrite it, make sure to add a personal touch to it. Tell people what you think about the research and the topic. The conclusion is a perfect place for this. 

Keep in mind that this is different, or it should be, from plagiarism. Using other work, even if it is your own, is a sure way to troubles. Rewriting does not mean that you can just change a couple of words and use the same work someone else did. Plagiarism checkers exist exactly for the purpose to prevent such things. 

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Michael Turner is a professional content writer and part-time journalist. He works for a company that delivers original written work to customers. In addition to this, Turner’s articles are published on many journals and blogs on the Internet. 

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