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Top 6 Things Your Husband Wants from You

Every marriage or long-term relationship carries a set of expectations that can make or break the couple’s bond. If you have been married for a while, you should know that your husband expects and wants a few things from you. Whether it’s emotional support or occasional pampering, every husband expects certain things from his wife but is unable to clearly communicate his feelings or needs.

Learning more about these wishes and fulfilling them can strengthen your bond. 

Here are the top 6 things that your husband wants from you. 

  1. Your Approval 

A man needs his woman’s approval. He should know that he is needed and acknowledged as the man of your dreams, the head of the family, and a partner in need when things get tough. While couples in healthy relationships share the burden and support each other, your husband needs to feel that you can depend on him when things go south. Make him feel that your world is complete with him by your side and approve of his presence by showing gratitude. More importantly, mean it; trying to keep it nuanced yet powerful. However, make sure that your husband does not become entirely emotionally dependent on you. 

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  1. Your Respect 

Lack of respect can end any relationship; if you don’t respect your spouse, you cannot expect the same in return. Respect and honor your husband for him to reciprocate in the same manner. It will keep him motivated and his heart in place. Even though he gets respect from his friends and at work, he needs your respect to truly feel honored. To make him feel important, compliment him often and treat him better. It is not just the women in relationships who expect to be treated better. Listen to his points of view before imposing your decision. Make him feel heard and acknowledged and consider his opinions too. 

  1. Space and Your Trust 
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Whether it’s your husband, mother, or friends, every person needs their space. Even if you are extremely close and madly in love, your husband will occasionally need his space to reflect and contemplate his life. Give him a little space and room to breathe. At times, spouses need to spend some time alone to truly appreciate their relationship and bond with their partner. If he needs a break from the routine and wishes to spend his day off with his friends, especially if they haven’t met for long, do not be too hard on him. At the same time, you should trust him and his ways. 

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  1. Occasionally Spoiling Him 

Everyone likes to be pampered and spoiled by their spouse, and your husband is no different. Make him breakfast in bed, occasionally dress up for him, or get him presents every once in a while. If you are looking for a last minute present, consider fun and creative ideas such as jerky bouquets or illustrated coasters to keep it light and breezy. As long as it doesn’t turn into a habit, occasional spoiling and pampering should be a part of your relationship. It shows that you care and retain the spark in your relationship. This is particularly important when he is stressed or desperately needs a break. 

  1. Recreational Intimacy

Couples with shared interests and passions are more like best friends, which is necessary to keep the relationship strong. You need to spend time doing things you love and share common interests with your husband. Even if you do not have too many common likings, you can try the things he likes. For example, if you do not like sports but your husband insists on watching a game together, give it a try instead of refusing it downright. Your husband will appreciate your willingness, which will strengthen your relationship. Furthermore, develop common interests by trying new things together such as cooking classes, book clubs, or road trips. 

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  1. Sexual Contentment 

A healthy sex life is a must to keep the fire in your relationship alive. Spouses feel the need for sexual fulfillment as it keeps your relationship healthy. If you are struggling to keep up, work on your own definition of sexual contentment for your husband to feel satisfied as well. Go on dinner dates, have movie nights at home, and arrange a romantic setup. Sex should be organic and spontaneous, which is why you must set the mood beforehand. More importantly, you should be able to clearly communicate your issues and expectations to resolve the issue and maintain your sex life.

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Not every husband is able to clearly communicate his feelings in front of his wife, which can slowly ruin their relationship. In extreme cases, it can also lead to a divorce. As a wife, you must do your part to make your husband feel important and wanted. At the same time, you should expect the same from your husband as it is always a two-way streak.

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