How To Wear a Kilt Confidently

How To Wear a Kilt Confidently

A kilt is a type of knee-length non-bifurcated short dress with pleats at the back. It originated as the traditional dress of Gaelic men and boys in the Scottish Highlands. Kilts have deep cultural and historical roots in the country of Scotland. You can wear kilts in any formal and informal events and if you are confused about wearing a kit because you don’t know how to rock the kilt game then you are at the right place. 

There are people who feel a lack of confidence while wearing a kilt which is why I am sharing a guide with you which will help you to wear a kilt confidently. If you don’t have a kilt and want to know about men’s kilt for sale then check here

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 Kilt can boost your self-confidence: 

No matter what dress you wear, you should wear confidence first to look chic and classy. Your self-confidence is what makes you look the way you want to. So, developing and practicing self-confidence is mandatory whether you are male or female no matter what you are wearing. Confidence is something that is required to shape you as a person. Let’s come to wearing a kilt in particular, when you wear a kilt formally in public, it surely attracts attention and puts you on a display. Since it is a traditional dress in Scotland, it can bring you opportunities to talk more about your culture and tradition and make you feel proud of it. 

According to Kilt and Jacks; “ Wearing a kilt brings some extra source for positive energy which translates into self-confidence.”

Wearing a kilt for the first time: 

All of us are a little hesitant when it comes to wearing or doing something for the first time. Here are a few tips that can help you with your decision of wearing a kilt for an event and be proud of it later. 

  • Know your measurements: 
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 Your measurements play the most important role when it comes to wearing a perfectly fit kilt that looks good on you. So, wearing a kilt adjusted exactly according to your body measurements can play a major role in making you look great. You need to measure your sizes accurately with or without any help to get a perfect kilt for an event. 

  • Try it first at home: 

Instead of wearing it directly at an event, try to wear it first at home so that you can see if it fits you well or not, and practice how to adjust all the buckles and stuff. We all know that practice makes a man perfect, so the more you practice and get used to the feel at home, the more it will be easy for you to carry it in public. 

How To Wear a Kilt Confidently
Wrestler Paul Craig at Luss Highland Games 2016
  • Go for a casual day out with friends: 

Your friends are the people who you feel the most confident and comfortable around. So, it’s always a good idea to go for a casual hang out with your friends no matter if your friends are dressed in a kilt or not. You may be the inspiration for them to wear one someday. Also, your friends can give you the best compliments making you feel even better about it. So just get your kilt, wear it, and call your buddies. 

  • Get ready to face all kinds of comments: 

It’s human nature that one thing you like, the other person may dislike it. So, it’s okay if you get comments like, oh! Why are you wearing a skirt? It looks girlish. Or some people may even laugh. All you have to do is ignore such people and their comments. As you will find those people to whom you will attract to wear a kilt confidently. Your confidence will admire them. Just focus on the positive side. 

  • Feel that you are looking awesome: 
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No matter what, you need to tell yourself that you are looking great and you are rocking this new look you have chosen for yourself and no one can carry this kilt look the way you did. 

Where to wear a kilt? 

There is a perception that you can wear a kilt only on formal occasions. But actually, you can wear a kilt on any occasion, formal or informal. You can wear it wherever you want to.  

How to style a kilt? 

A lot of people think that they cannot wear a kilt if they are not true Scottish and if they have never worn it before. Here are a few legit ways to style a kilt, making it look chic on you. 

  • Kilt: 

A kilt should be worn around the navel or an inch above the navel as well. It should hand down in the middle of the knee. You can choose any tartan according to your likings. 

  • Shirt: 

Pair up your kilt with a shirt. Choose the color of the shirt according to kilt color. Wearing busy patterns and graphics should not be preferred as they don’t complement kilts well. 

  • Jacket and waistcoat: 

Wearing a jacket or a waistcoat with your kilt is always a great idea as it makes it look even chicer. You just need to choose the color that complements your kilt well. 

  • Buckle and belt: 

There are different styles of buckles and belts that you can choose to pair up with your kilt. just choose a style that looks great. It should be comfortable as well. 

How To Wear a Kilt Confidently
  • Footwear: 
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A lot of people choose to wear boots under a kilt well, to complement your kilts you should prefer brogues but you can choose any footwear according to your likings but keep in mind that it should look good with your outfit and most importantly you should be comfortable wearing it. 

  • Accessories: 

There are many other items that you can choose along with your kilt. keeping in mind that it should look good with the color of your tartan. These items include a kilt pin. This is the item that you should place through the stop apron. Kilt socks, also known as kilt hose should be worn below the knee bottom. The kilt hose should be folded below the knee cap. 

  • Underwear or no underwear: 

As far as undergarments are concerned, people in Scotland don’t wear anything under their kilts but you can choose whether to wear one or not as per your comfortability and the place or event you are wearing your kilt on. 

How To Wear a Kilt Confidently

Here I have answered all the queries that must be in your mind when you think about wearing a kilt. So, no matter if you are wearing a kilt for the first time or 100th, just pair it up with the accurate accessories and never forget to complement it with confidence and boom! You’re ready to rock the kilt game at its best. 

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