Things to Do if You Called Off Your Wedding

Things to Do if You Called Off Your Wedding

It’s painful to decide that your wedding isn’t going to happen anymore. Even if you want it to pursue, recent changes made it impossible. After thinking hard, you decided that it’s time to call it off. You might be in a dark place now, but there’s a way out of it. Take one issue at a time, and don’t panic.

Here are some tips to help you.

Check all your reservations 

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If you already started making reservations for the wedding, it’s time to call your suppliers. Ask about the refund policy. Since the wedding isn’t happening anymore, you need part of your payment back. Usually, if the wedding is still months away, there’s a good chance you will get back the amount you initially paid. However, prepare yourself to get frustrated. If the supplier said no, don’t stress out. Move on to the next one. 

Sell the engagement ring

The engagement ring has no use now. You don’t want to keep it, either. It brings back too much pain. The best thing to do is sell it. It might be a lucky ring for someone else, but not for you. There’s no point in keeping it anymore. Besides, you already lost a lot of money due to the wedding preparations. You can at least get a portion back when you decide to sell the ring. Consider Gemesti if you chose to sell the ring. 

Things to Do if You Called Off Your Wedding

Give yourself time to process what happened

If you feel lost and you don’t know what to do next, it’s understandable. Dealing with this kind of loss isn’t easy. Don’t pressure yourself to recover right away. Face each day as it comes. Eventually, you will forget what happened and move on. If you don’t feel like you need someone else’s advice, it’s okay. People grieve in different ways. Determine what’s best for you if you wish to heal from the pain. 

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Find someone to talk to

If you don’t think you can keep the pain to yourself, find someone else to share your feelings with. Look for a confidante who will listen to you without judgment. Even if you want to pretend that you’re okay, you’re not. The only way to feel better is by sharing how you feel with another person. You don’t even need someone who will advise you what to do. You only need open ears. 

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Find ways to improve yourself 

Just because your relationship ended doesn’t mean it’s over. You can still find love in the future. Don’t think of it as the end of the road. Try to improve yourself and look good. Sure, you can dwell on the pain for a few days, but move on. There’s no point in allowing yourself to feel terrible forever. Take the opportunity to read books or take online courses. Find something you can be passionate about. You have to come out as a better person when this chapter of your life is over.

It’s never easy letting go of a broken relationship, especially if you already reached a point of planning to tie the knot. Take the time to heal and be grateful that you learned from what happened.

  1. I bet this would be the worst experience of your life. But good advices.

  2. Lol my best friend had a similar situation. She sold her wedding band.

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