Moschino Resort 2022 Menswear Collection

Moschino Resort 2022 Menswear Collection

Moschino Resort 2022 Menswear Collection featuring Matthew Noszka, check it out:

If you really wanted to (and who wouldn’t?), you could see the memory of Marcus Schenkenberg’s purple short-shorts from 1989 within the scuba meggings of look eight in the Moschino resort collection. At some point during this travel- and fun-restricted year, Jeremy Scott had been reminiscing about the fateful moment when the German supermodel was first discovered on Venice Beach while doing a dance routine to Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” on white roller skates. “It is eve-ry-thing,” Scott said on a video call from Los Angeles, reflecting on the free-spirited lifestyle of the be-muscled boardwalk. For those who’ve killed time in lockdown working on their beach bodies, Scott is here to answer your call.

His collection is an ode to the surfer physique, with garments that hug its every chiseled contour. The scuba and scuba-esque materials that pay homage to the surfer uniform set the tone for some rather bold proposals to lift our fashion spirits. There’s a skin-tight romper with lapels, which Scott suggests could be a post-pandemic alternative to the pre-pandemic office suit, and there are bike shorts in patchwork power prints structured to evoke the illusion of wearing a tiny purple Speedo. Scott continued elaborating on the vests he brought back last season with a denim number featuring sun motifs (“I’m still very in-vest-ed”). And what about a bona-fide Moschino surfboard to satisfy your limited-edition needs?

Moschino Resort 2022 Menswear featuring Matthew Noszka.

“I’ve surfed in Hawaii a few times, but I’m not a surfer by any means,” Scott disclaimed, pointing viewers’ attention to the faux tropical backdrops of his look book. Like Moschino’s surfer wardrobe, which by no means calls for waves, they demonstrate the ersatz escapism that’s become a reality in a world where most of us still can’t travel. “It’s the essence of what most people’s holiday travel is right now: screensaver fantasy,” he said. But between his body-conscious bathing suits and gilded trousers, Scott’s proposal for that new world isn’t all bold and gold. Takes on “the preppy tropes of menswear” such as check and floral shorts suits, timeless hibiscus-print shirts, and a bomber-jacket-and-shorts combo plastered with suns and smiley faces, offer an easy and casual approach to optimistic dressing.

Including shots Behind the scenes.

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Model @matthew_noszka
Designer Jeremy Scott @jeremyscott for @moschino
Photography @marcus_mam and @luke_simone
Grooming @sofiacarhair 
Manicure @nails_by_yoko
Video by @eyecanbomb

  1. Henry James

    Matthew is a TRUE GREEK GOD! Would worship him until I has no breath at all!

  2. Rene Russo

    Stunning collection so 80’s.

  3. Rusell Hahn

    This is a colorful summer collection, great items.

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