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CBD Infused Clothing – Is It For Real?

CBD oil is a raging trend today, thanks to the growing awareness of people. CBD is now legal in many states, and even the federal laws are softening towards CBD derived from hemp.

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CBD has shown some promise in the management of various health conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. It is also being used as a component for use on

epilepsy. Various recent research reports have substantiated the claims, and expectedly, the craze will only increase in the days to come. As far as the fashion industry is concerned, they are also not lagging in taking up this opportunity. You can learn more about CBD here.

Nowadays, CBD oil is being used in food products, infused in various foods and drinks, and even used in skincare products. Recently CBD is being infused in apparel and redefining modern fashion. 

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The mechanism by which CBD-infused clothing can benefit you is as unique as the product itself. The procedure through which CBD is infused in the fabric is called microencapsulation. In this process, minuscule capsules of CBD oil are woven into the fabric. As you wear the product, the heat from the body and friction break open these capsules, and the oil is absorbed into the body through the skin providing the benefits of CBD oil. It is like wearing your lotion or cream!

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Now, in case you were unaware, here we have some more interesting facts regarding CBD-infused clothing.

  • Devan Chemicals from Belgium are one of the very first companies that started making CBD-infused fabrics. The motto of Devan Chemicals is to make products that are sustainable and natural that made CBD an impressive choice for them. Devan Chemicals have always tried to create innovative products to fill the gaps in the market. They developed a unique technology called ‘R Vital’ that can weave CBD microcapsules in the fabric. 
  • CBD-infused sleepwear was probably the first line of CBD-infused fabric products. Many people are known to suffer from insomnia, and the relaxing properties of CBD can benefit them. This line of sleepwear is supposed to help in providing better sleep for these people.
  • Acabada ProActiveWear is launching the first lineup of CBD-infused activewear in NYC. The company is known for its unique products. It is definitely going to be one of them. CBD is known to provide relief in pain and reduce inflammation. Although the evidence is anecdotal and there are not many types of research that confirm it. Yet, people believe that CBD can help in pain and inflammation.
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CBD clothing will undoubtedly be a game-changer in the fashion circuits. One problem, however, with CBD products is that they need to be changed often to ensure that the benefits of CBD persist. The fabrics are supposed to be washed regularly. So eventually, it will wash off the CBD oil, and this happens sooner than later. Besides, the costs of the products are also high. So, CBD-infused clothing will be high-cost maintenance.

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