5 Trending Fashion Statements for Men

5 Trending Fashion Statements for Men

Men’s fashion doesn’t always get the same attention as women’s fashion, and we think it’s time for that to change. Valued at $483 billion, the global men’s fashion industry is out there–and we’re here to talk about it. 

Making a fashion statement doesn’t require that you buy a whole new wardrobe. All you need is a little insider info and some eye-popping pieces to start turning heads.

What are some of the trends in men’s fashion this year?

Read on to find five men’s fashion statements you won’t want to miss in 2021.

1. The Relaxed Suit

Looking for a full wardrobe makeover for your next party? Pair a relaxed-fit suit with a bomb photo booth from this company and your party—and your look—will be a huge hit. You will definitely want tons of pics of your 1980s-style breezy, chic-but-casual wardrobe. 

2. Floral Print

Loud prints have been a focal point of men’s fashion for the past five-ten years. Now, we’re narrowing down our focus and sticking with florals. Pair a floral button-down with a suit jacket or cardigan and you’ll unlock a level of fashion you didn’t know you were capable of. 

3. Vertical Stripes

Two-tone vertical stripes are popping up in designer storefronts and we’re here for it. Go bold with a bright color combination or keep it classic with a more muted color scheme–put those muted stripes on a polo and you’ll like a hot 1950s businessman heading out for a nightcap. The best part is that vertical stripes flatter every body type, making you appear taller and slimmer. 

4. Oversized Coats

Alright, so maybe the relaxed-fit suit is more than you’re ready to tackle. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get in on this relaxed tailoring trend.

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Oversized coats and outerwear are going to be everywhere this winter. From long parkas to extra-large puffer jackets, we’re ready for this combination of trendiness and comfort.

5. Textured Pieces

This year, we’re not just pulling fashion from the 90s. We’re looking even farther back to the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. That means that it’s time for texture!

We’re talking fleece jackets. We’re talking corduroy pants. We’re talking wide-checked flannel shirts. 

In terms of color, follow your gut. We suggest bright textured pieces for parties and social events, while neutral textured pieces are better suited (no pun intended) for the office. 

Don’t Sleep On These Male Fashion Statements 

Fashion creates a great opportunity to express yourself in different environments. With these five men’s fashion statements, you’re guaranteed to impress any crowd, from your party guests to your bosses! Give them a shot and find the trending male fashion that you feel great in.

Looking for more ways to boost your fashion sense? Take a look around to learn about everything from this year’s hottest men’s hairstyles to the best ways to take care of your shoes. We’ve got fashion tips for every occasion and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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