Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

Let’s Meet Anej Sosic

It’s always good to meet new people, real good people, even though, doesn’t matter if it’s in person or digital or through social media. 

When you meet real good people and you want to show off to the world your new friendship. This is happening right now when we have met Anej a fashion model who has worked in the industry—a great example of a successful modeling career.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

He has born in Slovenia…living between Amsterdam and NYC. “In my career I have worked for many big name designers, such as Valentino, Prada, Dolce Gabbana, Armani, Calvin Klein among others.”

But here comes the most important and what Anej is about to explain, and what we are obsessed about him.

“I was always passionate about improving the industry that I work in, therefore I started working with The Fashion Law-an organization that helps models in every way possible…from getting better jobs, to guiding them through the industry itself at a young age..especially on the things they need to be careful about.”

Anej, thank you for doing this for us. And it’s always nice to meet new and fabulous people who wants to share their experience and success with others.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

Tell us, when you were discovered and how old were you?

I was discovered in a shopping mall in Ljubljana, at 15 years old.

Did you always thought about being a male model?

No, not initially. But later on I realized it can help me travel the world and give me the most incredible, colorful experience, therefore I took it seriously very quickly.

What agency are you signed? Mother Agency?

I’m currently working in Mexico City with Paragon models. They have a big board of supermodels and incredible clients. I pretty much have an agency in every major fashion capital in the world. And I also have a personal manager in Los Angeles.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

How was working with the agency, can you spill the tea? Lol did you read the tiny letters before sign?

I absolutely read all the tiny letters..in fact my parents read it with me haha. I was just 16 when I signed internationally (in Milan) and since that is not of legal age…my parents were there with me.

Tell us your best experience in the modeling industry.

My best experience was definitely working for Calvin Klein, which I have done a few times. I also very much enjoyed my shoot for L’Officiel Middle East, and in the end, they put me on the Cover.

Tell us your worst experience.

Worst experience was actually in the beginning of my career, which was dealing with the very limited work in my home country of Slovenia. Back then, most Slovenian clients had an exclusive deal with only one Slovenian agency and it was impossible for the rest of us models from different agencies to work. Every single fashion week (which is actually more fashion weekend-It’s only 2 days) they only booked the same models from the same agency…year after year… This industry is all about creativity and discovering new talents and that actually hurt the Fashion industry in Slovenia, in my opinion. Because all ”the good ones” left for bigger countries and will never want to work for those clients or events again.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

Do you have any fun memories backstage?

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Oh, many. Backstage is always crazy and packed with drama…definitely never boring. My personal favourite was when we went from Milan to a beautiful location next to a lake in Switzerland for a fashion show. It was a team of almost 50 people (models, make up artists, hair stylist). We all spent the week together and by the end, we had a fashion show. Backstage was very emotional because we all got close to each other and made genuine friendships. But it was also very fun, loud music, dancing, laughing-pretty much a party backstage (laughs). I still talk to all of them today.

What do you like the best, doing runway shows, editorials or campaigns?

I prefer to do ads or campaigns, especially if it’s on location. In that case you get to travel to Mallorca, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, like I did in the past.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

I have always thought that agencies don’t care fashion platforms, bloggers, indie magazines. 

They didn’t in the past-that is true.. Back in the day it was all about your look and the High Fashion Industry was extremely strict and exclusive…but now that has changed a lot. Now everyone wants to book ”a brand”, meaning most designers want to book a model who already has a big following, some sort of a ”fan base”…in the end it is great for their promotion. They say; ”Video killed the Radio Star”, well..”Instagram killed the Supermodels”

But on the other hand, it is also good that the Industry itself is changing…there is plenty of models who are using their platforms and voices  for social investments, body positivity, trans representation and so on…Those issues would never be addressed in the past. A model was supposed to be seen and not heard.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

There’s so much anxiety and frustration on male models, there’s so many guys who’s fighting for so many stereotypes imposed by the industry and high end luxe brands makes it harder. Do you ever experience something similar ?

Oh yes, definitely. All the time. But I mean, there are plenty of stereotypes and expectations of society itself. But whenever that is taken to the extreme, is when it becomes a problem. And fashion industry is full of extremes. I think there a lof of people who can suffer from lack of identity, simply because they are always compared to each other.

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Which is why having some sort of individuality and being able to craft your own image, through social platforms is in this case, a good thing.

On social media there’s so many straight guys who are beginning in the fashion industry and the ego started to blossom. Platforms, bloggers and influencers tends to put models on a pedestal. Thoughts?

Hahaha well isn’t that the epitome of the world we live in?? Straight men being put on a pedestal? Not being held accountable, or just not being judged by the same standards as every other minority? Social media platforms are no exception to that unwritten and unjust rule. With that said, I do see change in the past few years and I’m really grateful for it. It’s been a long time coming, but there is definitely more representation now than ever before.

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

Right now it’s all about followers and likes, like you said —Instagram changed the rules in fashion— Do you think TikTok is going to take over the place and change the rules like IG did?

I hope not, because I’m not so good at making videos (laughs). I think creating one single image is much easier and in most cases more artistic and effective. But it’s definitely true that TikTok and Instagram Reels and taking over…so I will have to jump ship at some point.

People can now send random DM’s , tell us your best compliments from random people.

<<What time do you need to be back in heaven’?>> A girl actually wrote this to me.

Haters always hate. And this can be a huge problem in the industry, hundreds of models have told stories about being harassed,  judged, or having depressions and anxiety, have you ever feel like this in some way by reading ‘the comments’?

Well, I started to turn off the comments on my Instagram. I try to not focus on that, therefore, if I can eliminate this distraction from my life by simply turning my comments off, I’m gonna do it. I do remember that most hurtful comments that I read so far, were actually not on my social media. They were under my very first interview I did in Slovenia about my work successes abroad. And the amount of hateful comments from people who never even met me, was astonishing. One of them was actually a mother of 3. I saw that after checking her profile under which she made her comments.

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What words or advice can you give to models or people who are suffering from being harassed or judged?

Don’t listen to it. People are just projecting. They see something that they don’t understand or want, and they will hate on it. At the end of the day they are the ones watching you, they are the ones watching your life, They are the ones commenting under your work. That itself already puts you in an inferior position. 

Anej Sosic EXCLUSIVE Interview Fashionably Male

How was your time working for TEDx? 

It was really special, to be able to work for TEDx and highlight some of the issues close to my heart. Especially in the industry that I grew up in. My focus was predominantly on health legislation within the fashion industry, and I’m happy to report that we have seen quite a few changes in the past few years. But of course there is much more work ahead of us, hopefully Covid restrictions will allow us to do so. It would be of great importance for me to also highlight other incredible organizations that have done some amazing work such as Model Alliance and The Fashion Law.

Fast questions. The first thing that comes through your head.

Best dish: Anything my grandma makes.
Favorite place for vacation: Rio de Janeiro…also love Capri.
Favorite song: Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Favorite brand of underwear: Calvin Klein of course.
Your favorite sneaker: At the moment I’m obsessed with my Nike sneakers in collaborations with Angry Birds (laughs).
Best Book you recommend: this may sound a bit weird but Pippi Longstocking..when I read it as a child it seemed like a completely different book, as to when I read it as an adult…For example as a child I always admired her life..she was living with no responsibilities…no one to tell her what to do..no school, she made the rules for her life…and when I read it later in life she seems to be very sad and lonely..and funny enought- supposedly she was a queer child, there was many clues in the book and the author herlsef alluded to hat fact many times!! 

Favorite film: Lolita (1962 the original one), also love The Piscine and basically any French film from the 60s.

Anej, where can we reach you and any words you want to say to our people?

You can always reach me on my Instagram: anej_sosic. What I want to say to your readers is: you are great and you matter ❤️

And will you come to fashionablymale.net ‘to spill the tea? YES, any time (laughs)

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