Interview with skilled Model/Actor Ryan Campbell set by James Loy

Interview with Skilled Model/Actor Ryan Campbell Full set by James Loy in exclusive for fashionablymale.net

˝I have always loved acting and making people smile. I am. Working to be a super hero so I go to the gym 7 days a week. I am hoping to make a huge impact one day!˝ Ryan quotes and repeat as a mantra, getting to know disciplined and professional male models is what we really love.

From Sacramento and living in Los Angeles. The ginger guy has achieved his stunning physique through his passion for fitness, having been a professional soccer player for several years and training additional skills like a stunt person, martial arts and more.

We are very interested to meet model Ryan and thanks to James Loy this is possible. We have a nice conversation in exclusive for fashionablymale.net

Hello Ryan, we are so happy to have you here, tell us your stats Age/height/weight/ hometown and where are you based right now. 
Hi there, I’m 26 years-old, 6’0″, 175 pounds and I’m from Sacramento CA. Currently living in los Angeles.

How did you get discovered? 
I’ve done a lot starting out on my own with friends practicing photography but my good friends who really brought me to the light are Tony and James.

What were you doing before modeling?
I have had many jobs from professional soccer to being a mechanic. Although, my favorite before acting and modeling was working for Playstation®. 

Soccer player, what position do you play? And your favorite team is …
I was a striker and still am when I play pick up games. My favorite team has to be team USA. I’ll always believe in their potential.

I know that US men’s national team soccer fail to qualify for Tokyo 2020, is it true? Thoughts.
Sadly it is true but every failure is an opportunity for growth. Im sure they will make their team strong enough for the qualifier. 

You’re living in L.A. have you been in any casting—for acting— so far?
I do currently live in LA and have been doing alot of background work and have auditioned for bigger roles but I have not yet landed anything that would be considered an acting credit.

I know  from guys over there looking for stunts, would you like into that?
I would absolutely love to get more into stunts. I have parkour experience and extensive weapons training. I have even been in a film called “Black Rabbit” that I have choreographer fight scenes. 

Tell us three adjectives that best describes you: I’m hard working, compassionate and passionate.

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Ryan likes anime, MCU, an his favorite song is by Last Our Night!

Describe your personal style.
I wouldn’t really say I have a style. If I’m not in workout clothes, I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt from my favorite anime.

Your favorite place you have travel to: I love traveling back home to see my family and friends. 
Your favorite film, album, artist: My favorite film is the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. I hope to be part of it one day. I don’t have a favorite album but my favorite song and artist are Sunrise by Our Last Night. 

Favorite anime is “My Hero Academia” If you’re looking for a book or a manga to take up the rest of your life you can read “One Piece.”
Your favorite sport: Soccer by far. I’ve played since I was 4.

Ryan Campbell in 5 years: hopefully a respectable actor and model succeeding in the craft.
Who do you like to work with in near future: I wanna keep working with photographers in get along with and respect.
How was your experience working with James Loy? James is one of my befriends and I will always love working with him.

Where people can reach you at? Instagram is the best place to contact me for work or general communication.

˝I enjoy hearing your feedback and I’m glad you enjoy my content. I have some super fans out there and I hold all of their support neart ot my heart.˝

Ryan Campbell

Any last word to all your fans and people who have supported you on social media. Everyone has been so great to me! I enjoy hearing your feedback and I’m glad you enjoy my content. I have some super fans out there and I hold all of their support near to my heart. I will keep improving and creating for all of you!

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Talent Ryan Campbell @ryanjcampbell3
Photographer James Loy www.jamesloyphoto.com                             
IG @james_rated_x

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