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What Is It Really Like to Be a Male Model?

Most people assume that models have the ideal life. They are paid thousands for every picture taken and every runway walk, and they are admired by millions of fans. However, just as with any profession, there are downsides to being a male model that the public just isn’t aware of. 

The perceptions that people have of male models are based on social media and how the fashion industry runs. Here is what it’s really like to be a male model in the 21st century.

The Money Isn’t Regular

Sure, models can make a ton of money with the right company, but did you know that they will probably only get paid two or three times out of the year? When they do a shoot for a perfume or cigarette company, they will most likely spend a few weeks on that one job. Once the job is finished and they receive their money, it becomes a waiting game for the next gig.

New digitals of Model Zach Grenenger

For many models, especially males, the money is not as much as people expect and their earnings from one gig have to last anywhere from two to six months of living costs.

Few Are Truly Famous

This is probably the biggest misconception male models discovered when they started working in the industry. A lot of people are surprised to hear that the latest Calvin Klein male model isn’t well known in circles. Yes, people recognise their faces, but how many know their names? 

The other downside is that there is a lot of downtime in the modelling world, and many wait for hours to get into a casting audition or set up for a shoot. If a model is being prepared for a big shoot, they may even play mobile games like Candy Crush or www.spincasino.com, because they are stuck in a makeup chair all day. A big part of being a model is waiting by the phone for the call to say they’ve been hired. 

model Filip Hrivnak prepares for the upcoming Milan Fashion Week with these new digitals. Showing his young features in a spontaneous atmosphere, Filip is the quintessence of young and intriguing beauty.

They are Constantly Judged

Imagine never again being able to enjoy a slice of your favourite chocolate cake because you have to be under 75kg. Models are susceptible to immense amounts of stress to keep looking good, and many suffer from eating disorders and drug abuse to maintain that perfect look. 

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Models have to take a lot out of their time to eat the right foods, exercise, and get beauty treatments done to keep them looking young. These costs are not covered by modelling agencies. You also won’t see many models that are above the age of 30 and still famous. Although there is legally no cut-off age for male models, many are stripped of any contracts the moment they reach 27 or start to show signs of aging.

Models are expected to keep a slender physique, pose in some insane weather conditions, and often don’t have a private life that isn’t bombarded by networking events. Few are famous and the money isn’t as great as many believe. Even at events, male models are more than often just there for a campaign or to advertise a product. Very few are present at these events because they are famous.

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