Tropical Feels with Matteo Sulas for WAPO Wear

European lifestyle brand WAPO released a collection of amazing exclusive prints perfect if you wanna feel irresistible this summer.

Matteo Sulas rebirths like Poseidon under a wave from aphrodisiac beach of Sardinia. Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is a mainly mountainous region, without high peaks, with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet.

In these swimwear you don’t need to travel to feel like on tropical vacation

Discover the fantastic new colors of the swim briefs by WAPO Wear. The aesthetic body of Matteo will help you to guide and choose the swim brief of your preference.

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Sardinia is a mythical land.

is a stunning place, and those who visit inevitably fall in love with it. Many end up coming back, over and over. 

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Get on board, get your tickets to Sardinia, pick your favorite items from WAPO Wear and you’re done!

Photography: Simone Pilia @simone.pilia_foto
Model: Matteo Sulas @matteo_sulas
Swimwear: WAPO Wear @wapo_wear 

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