Exclusive Interview Argentine New comer Arthur Goedelmann

Exclusive online Interview Argentine New comer Arthur Goedelmann for fashionablymale.net is out now.

He is an Argentine, he is very handsome, he has big green eyes, a square jaw, and his body is like that of a Greek god.

We’re gonna posts some brand new pics from Arturo, his first time ever shooting naked. He’s talking about his experience, journey, habits and hobbits and more. We have published many guys who have made phenomenal careers and who have started being trainers, personal trainers, online coaches. They have never lost the floor. Always willing to do everything.

Shooting by Palermo based photographer Gabriel Machado, in his studio, Arthur and Gabriel took a new path to demonstrate the male portrait and here are the best results.

Hello, how are you, Arturo, thank you for accepting this exclusive interview with us. We want to meet you, we want to know who that man is in front of the lens.

Hi there, I am 27 years old, I am from Argentina, my height is 1.83mts (6ft), green eyes and my hair is light brown or dark blonde… but at the moment it is more in dark brown.

How did you start modeling? First experience in front of the camera?

The truth is that it is the first time that I do a photo session, and doing nudes with a renowned photographer in Argentina. I was not at all uncomfortable and I felt that this is what I like to do, to be in front of a camera, alone I let myself go.

That day, everything went as expecte. I would love to be successful as a model, no matter where I have to go, the point is to start and have a well-established path.

˝Well, apart from going to the gym and wanting to model, I am a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, and the real interest I have at the moment is to be a model.˝


Which is your favorite activity?

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My favorite activity was always athletics, but then I turned to crossfit, or weight lifting, fitness routines. I always did sports, at least since I was 5 years old. First I started with soccer, then tennis, 6 years rugby .. some other fighting sport .. and physical activity .. so I ended up training crossfit 6 times a week.

I think that procrastinating (leaving things to last) and sitting for so many hours is the new cancer that attacks us all. What do you think?

Yes, I don’t share a sedentary lifestyle. I can’t see how a person lets himself be or has a bad diet, but many times I was able to help several people and I am very happy to do it.

Alguna canción o album que te guste para entrenar?

Listen a lot Eminem songs.

What is your favorite movie?

I do not usually watch so much TV, more than anything I am to inform myself and learn instructional videos, as well as history, philosophy, universe and mysteries.

In your personal style. Are you very jeans, t-shirt or does it depend on the reason or your way of being?

Yes, I usually wear a lot of jeans, but it also depends on where I am.

A man who is constant in his diet and physical activity, must also be disciplined with his skin routine. Something that you share with us for a skin routine?

The truth is that sometimes I take care of my skin. Usually using beds or oils.

Now quick questions, the first thing that pops into your head. Go!

Mention 2 parts of your body that people love. My legs and my pecs, besides my face.
Favorite place to vacation. Somewhere in Italy.
Have you ever met a famous person (actress, singer, actor?) Yes I have, some famous people, on theaters and big events.

Mention the person you admire, by style, career or what they would like to be. Henry Cavill is one of them.
Mention some bad characteristic of your person. I try to do the best in every aspect of my life.

Mention some good characteristic of your person. I’m friendly, good companion, I usually lift the spirits of any person who is in a bad moment, funny, loyal, loving.
Favorite underwear? Calvin Klein.
What do you wear when you sleep at night? I sleep in nude.

Mention something that you want to share with our public, that nobody knows about you. Something that I would like to share, that nobody knows about me .. mmm, I would like me to do well in what I want to do, for example being a model, being successful in order to help the people who always supported me in life and change our style of life..

We are very happy to meet new faces, it is always a pleasure and Arturo thank you for doing this beautiful job. You can see that it comes from your soul to be in front of the cameras. Where can we contact you on social media?

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You guys can reach me at IG @arthur.g_94

Photographer Gabriel Machado @machadito_arte 
Model Arthur Goedelmann @arthur.g_94

  1. I love this feature on the Adonis Arthur Goedelmann. Epic Man Crush Monday Everyday article. Arthur gave some great answers as well Henry Cavill, Calvin Klein and sleeping in the nude. He is the complete package and exquisite photos.

    • fashionablymale

      He’s got everything to be a Male model and more.

  2. Henry James

    OMFG! My pPrince Charming has finally cum!

  3. Oh lord. This model is so handsome and yes he’s kind a Henry Cavill vibes. He can be his stunt. Anywho this is great.

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