Rhys Kosakowski by Richard Sawyer at Uncanny Studio


Rhys Kosakowski throws his body around, Richard Sawyer tries to keep up.

Australian based fashion photographer Richard Sawyer photographs male dancer Rhys Kosakowski at the Uncanny Studio located in Sydney.

Captured in movement

Australian-born ballet prodigy Rhys Kosakowski is breaking boundaries and redefining norms through his impeccable dancing abilities.

Rhys Kosakowski is more than just a dancer — he is an artist of movement.

Rhys started dancing at the young age of five, and he trained in many styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop.

When is about to modeling, Rhys incorporates dancing movements. He’s represented by KULT Australia, KEV MGMT and STATE MGMT.

Model Dancer Rhys Kosakowski @rhyskosakowski
Photography Richard Sawyer @richardksawyer 
Studio: Uncanny Studio @the.uncanny.studio

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  1. killian Smith

    Brilliant captured images just doesn’t this paticular photoshoot was done in black & white!✈

    • fashionablymale

      Is spectacular, brilliant, and very well executated.

  2. Anonymous

    Rhys is an adonis. Just his dance is spectacular.

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