What Are the Most Popular Luxury Watches?

If you don’t mind dropping at least a few thousand bucks on a brand-new timepiece, you might want to know what’s a hit in the biz before moving towards that purchase. Whether you’re looking to follow the trend or forge your own path, it’s important to know what’s good and what’s not.

You also want to be in on the not-so-heard-about pieces for some surprised reactions. If there’s one thing about wearing luxury watches we know about, it is that a wearer will always look to impress, more often than not.

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You can read on Time Machine Geek to know other reasons to wear a high-end wristwatch. In the meantime, we’ll discuss the town’s most talked-about luxury watches to make choosing that first piece or next piece in your collection easier.

What Are the Most Popular Luxury Watches?

As far as popularity is concerned, the following timepieces have garnered worldwide fame. So, you’re likely to find them everywhere, from Saks Fifth Avenue and Wall Street to Rodeo Drive in the heart of Beverly Hills.

1. Khaki Field by Hamilton

It’s not often that a luxury watch is deemed for everyone, but this is what sets this Hamilton timepiece apart from the pack. Though, one might also argue that every piece in this collection of military-inspired watches is a standout, depending on their preference.

You can select from the line’s more affordable hand-winding numbers to its higher-end automatic chronographs that run for about four times the price. Whatever model you choose, though, you’ll be in for some Swiss-watchmaking magic packed in an all-American classic design.

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2. Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet

A descendant of Gerald Genta’s classic from 1972, this model holds a perpetually stylish and trendy design. It’s a mix of distinctively sporty and traditional. In turn, it introduced a completely new perspective towards watchmaking in the ‘70s and remains relevant today. What’s more, it also spurred the rise of its slightly less popular cousin, the Offshore.

3. Seamaster by Omega

As far as classic dive watches go, it doesn’t get much better than the Omega Seamaster 300. Its presence in the different James Bond movies says it all—it’s a must-have watch.

Plus, the fact that it comes at a fraction of the price of most high-end dive watches makes it an even better deal. The model’s distinctive ceramic blue bezel and the matching blue-wave pattern are eye-catching and give the piece its unique look.

4. Speedmaster Moonwatch by Omega

While the Seamster delivers in the context of dive watches, the Speedmaster Moonwatch excels under the classic category. It’s a go-to for many of NASA’s astronauts in their space missions, making it one of the most iconic luxury watches today. There’s nothing like donning this piece of watchmaking history as a way to make a statement among your peers.

5. Radiomir by Panerai

Watch enthusiasts have had a love-hate with Panerai for years, and they’ve not spared the Radiomir. Despite that, the piece and its “royal” cousin, the Luminor, have endured as one of the brand’s most interesting pieces.

This $4,000-dollar timepiece comes with a 45mm case that just begs for attention but requires a certain level of fortitude for the wearer to pull off. Another one of its brethren, the Oficine, has been a favorite of the Italian Royal Navy since the Second World War.

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6. Datejust by Rolex

What kind of list would this be if it didn’t have a Rolex? Of course, we aren’t just talking about any Rolex, either—we’re pertaining to none other than the Datejust, the quintessential timepiece of the Rolex brand.

A signature design across all Datejust styles and sizes is the fluted bezel, a coveted feature by both men and women from across the globe. However, it’s the two-tone Oyster Steel in yellow gold that remains the classic and most sought-after design for many collectors.

Image via Bert Buijsrogge
Image via Bert Buijsrogge

7. Carrera by Tag Heuer

A love for sports cars is likely to come with an affinity for Tag Heuer watches, particularly the Carrera model. The creator of the brand himself, Jack Heuer, dubbed his Carrera line the cornerstone of the brand, with its classic and contemporary design mix made with drivers in mind.

Carrera by Tag Heuer

With a collection that houses over 20 models, Carrera has a little something in store for any watch enthusiast. Of these models, however, none is more complex to operate than the Calibre 01. Still, you could find this either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on the kind of collector you are.

8. Heritage Visodate by Tissot

It was in the ‘50s when Tissot made its mark in the luxury watch community, releasing an automatic-caliber model with date function. The piece had a simple elegance that made its mark among classic lovers back in the day.

That continues to be the selling point of the Tissot Visodate but with a modern twist. It’s something you can match with a pair of jeans and a shirt easily.

Heritage Visodate by Tissot

What Brand Should You Go For?

Any of these watch models would make a good addition to your collection or a great first-watch choice. At the end of the day, your decision will likely come down to two things: your budget and personal preference.

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