Meet Annick Goutal - The Parisian Perfumer cover

Meet Annick Goutal – The Parisian Perfumer

If you wear perfumes, you’d probably know that Paris is home to some of the finest perfumery houses in the world. Goutal Paris is one of such perfumery and it all began with Annick Goutal, a French national known for her amazing fragrance creation. 

Her determination was to make original luxury perfumes with the guiding principle, “luxury is in the details.” Many years down the line, this principle remains evident in fragrances introduced by the popular perfume-making house.  Although Annick Goutal died 22 years ago, she lives on in every beautiful fragrance from Goutal Paris. Meet Annick Goutal, the Parisian perfumer.

Annick Goutal’s early life.

Annick Goutal was the original founder of Goutal Paris. The perfume-making journey began in 1981 with the shop opening on rue de Bellechasse and the introduction of Eau d’Hadrien. Annick Goutal is known for blending raw natural ingredients to create her scents. Some of them include Damascus Rose, Sicilian lemon, just to mention a few. What’s more, it is said that each of her fragrances is inspired by her most cherished memories.

Annick Goutal didn’t kick it off as a perfume maker or designer. She was initially a pianist before her life took a sweet-smelling turn after meeting a perfumer, Sorsana Henri. Sorsana offered Annick a training position after she displayed a relentless determination and of course, a nose for exquisite scent. 

The perfumery

Annick Goutal went on to set up her own business after completing her apprenticeship. Each fragrance made by Annick expresses her love for each raw material, which not only tells a unique story but also presents the wearer with a sweet, unforgettable memory. From 1985, Annick Goutal worked with the Taittinger Group, famous for champagne as her perfumes were sold internationally through the group. 


After Annick’s demise in 1999, her daughter took over alongside Isabelle Doyen, a well-known perfumer. Other perfumers such as, Francis Camail, Camille Goutal, Philippine Courtiere also contributed to the fragrances from the house of Goutal, which can be gotten from www.parfumdreams.co.uk/Goutal

Goutal first Creations

Eau d’Hadrien is a timeless fragrance and one of the first creations of Annick Goutal. It’s not only one of Annick’s first works, the perfume remains a sophisticated scent for males and females who desire something unique and luxurious since 1981.  Eau d’Hadrien was actually designed by Annick Goutal and another perfumer, Camail Francis. In 2008, the perfume won the FiFi hall of fame award.

More from Goutal

Also, worthy of mention from the Goutal perfumery is the Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio. It features an impressive combo of ingredients that are completely contrasting, yet blended together in sweet-smelling harmony. Indeed,  Annick Goutal Ninfeo Mio is a product of careful engineering. The Perfume can be found in the premium section and is perfect for those moments you don’t want to forget in a hurry. What’s more, the perfume is designed in the male and female versions under the same name and marks one of the important milestones for the Goutal Paris perfumery.

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