6-Step Process: How To Use Male Sex Toys For Most Pleasure

6-Step Process: How To Use Male Sex Toys For Most Pleasure

Why Should Men Use Sex Toys?

While female sex toys are now considered empowering and cool, there is still some stigma around male sex toys that discourages most guys from trying them out.  And that bias means that you could be missing out on a whole lot of fun.

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The good news is the double standard is on its way out. Sex toy sales are increasing because of the COVID pandemic and with that, the interest in male sex toys, in particular, has also been rising. So this is the perfect time to leave your fears behind and join in on the fun!

“Why,” you ask?

Toys will introduce variety into your sex life and/or masturbation routine.

That means exploring your body a little bit more and opening yourself up to new and exciting sensations. Using a toy just feels different than using your hands or playing with a partner. 

The goal is not to replace what you already enjoy but to add more to your pleasure arsenal. After all, the average male masturbates at least once a week, if not more – why not spice things up? I promise you, your experience will be all the better for it. 

Masturbators can also train you to last longer in bed!

Strokers generally deliver stronger sensations than your hand, and some are way tighter than the human anatomy. That kind of overstimulation can help you teach your body to postpone climaxing even when in a highly aroused state. 

There are even toys specifically designed for stamina training. They may be ideal for those who struggle with premature ejaculation or just want to prolong partner play.

Ok, so now that we’ve established that male sex toys are both fun and good for you, what’s next?

6 Steps On How To Use & Get Most Out of Male Sex Toys

  1. Get A Good Quality Toy

I know, I know. It’s your first toy, and you’re kind of hesitant when it comes to splurging on it. Don’t fall into that trap. A badly made toy could ruin your experience.

I was like you once. Young and naive. I wanted to try out something new but also wanted to save some money. So I bought a 30 dollar toy off eBay. I hated it so much I almost swore off toys for good. The cheap material felt more like medieval torture. 

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Don’t repeat my mistakes. Toys bought off Amazon, eBay, or those weird sites with the ridiculously low prices you see on your Facebook timeline – all a big no-no. Your safest bet is to place your trust with popular and reliable sex toy companies that offer quality goods. You’ll find plenty of budget-friendly options there as well. Anything from Tenga or Fleshlight will be great. Here’s a good guide that reviews the best cheap, medium & best feeling male masturbators. 

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. Quality toys are made out of body-safe materials; they are built to last and designed with the actual human anatomy. That’s well worth investing in.

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  1. Use Lube

Well, now that you’ve invested in a good-quality sex toy, it’s time to invest in some good-quality lube. When it comes to playing with strokers, lube is your best friend. The more, the merrier.

Many sex toys are heavily textured. That means they can bring you sensations you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Using enough lube will ensure smooth sailing and pleasant moments. 

It’s best to get a big tube of water-based lubricant. Many sex toys are made of silicone, and water-based lube won’t damage them (unlike silicone or oil-based ones). So be sure to use plenty – both on your penis and on the opening on the masturbator itself. 

The good thing is lube is easy to find – from your local supermarket, drugstore, and pharmacy to sex shops both in-person and online. And hey, sometimes the manufacturers will throw in some lubricant as a little bonus with your toy purchase – so you can get to the good part right away.

  1. Make Sure You Have Uninterrupted Time

You need some time to get to know your new friend. It’s best to start exploring when nobody’s home, so you can have privacy and relax. Turn off your phone and maybe even lock the door – make sure you won’t have any surprise guests interrupt you.

Set the mood, just like you would for an intimate play. Maybe you like to put on some music? Maybe you like to close the curtains and darken the room? Whatever floats your boat. 

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Find a comfortable spot to sit or lie in. Make sure to have everything you need with you, so you don’t have to spoil your fun by having to get upright in the middle of things. 

Relax… And explore! Take your time to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

  1. Explore Your Fantasies

There are so many types of strokers out there, made to cater to every desire and fantasy – from realistic ones to simple ones to high-tech ones. All of them vary in shape and size. You can choose different levels of tightness, get an open-ended pocket-sized one that covers half your shaft or one that engulfs your whole penis.

Think about what you want to explore.

Realistic masturbators resemble a body part – a vagina, anus, or mouth, although you can also get a whole torso or s full-sized doll. Some of the realistic masturbators are even modeled after real porn actresses! Fleshlight, for example, are known for their “fleshlight girls“ – modeled from some of the most popular porn stars. So if you’ve been curious about what it’s like to get it on with one of them, you can explore that fantasy! 

If the realistic route isn’t your thing, you can always choose a different option, like a simple masturbation sleeve. They often have a lot of added texture on the insides and deliver a much more intense and unique sensation. 

High tech toys are all the rage – it’s 2021, after all.  If you have the budget, you could go for automated masturbators like blowjob machines that stroke it for you and enjoy some hands-free fun.

If you’re a fan of a strong visual but would prefer to skip the disembodied body part type of strokers, you can find toys with VR options and machines that even sink up to the action that happens on video!

Whatever your fantasy is, there is a toy that will deliver on it!

  1. Involve A Partner

Masturbators are good for solo play and are also amazing for couples! Involving your partner in your sex toy exploration is fun and also good for communication.

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Strokers can enhance your foreplay. For example, your partner can use one instead of just stroking your penis with their bare hands to kick the intensity up a notch. Or they can use a shorter transparent sleeve to add to oral sex for a new kind of experience. 

Your partner might even want to be part of the fun of researching and choosing the right sex toy for both of you. Maybe send them a link to this article so you can start your journey together.

Introducing sex toys into couples’ play is a great way to start a conversation about what you like, need, and fantasies, and sensations you would like to explore. And good communication always leads to better and more pleasurable experiences!

  1. Take Care Of Your Toys

Now that you know what joy male sex toys bring you, you should make sure you keep them in top-notch condition. Although you may find some disposable male masturbators that save you the hassle of cleaning, other toys should be cleaned and stored properly, so they can please you again and again…and again.

For most masturbators washing them with soap and warm water should do the trick. Make sure you give them a good rubbing and a thorough rinse. You could also buy a special toy cleaner that you will find in most adult stores.

If your toy is battery operated or automated, make sure to read the manual first before cleaning it carefully. Is it waterproof, or just splashproof? Do you have to disassemble it to clean it? Again, be cautious – you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it.

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Remember – you should clean all toys both before and after use.

After you’re done cleaning, dry them off with a lint-free towel and store them in a safe and dry place. Some toys even come with pouches, boxes, or other storage solutions that will protect them from dust particles or items in your drawer. 

What’s Next?

So, now you know some basics about male sex toys. But, do you know what will enhance your knowledge even more? Get one for yourself. Think about what sensations you want to explore, do your research, and get something you enjoy. You’ll thank yourself later.

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