Compelling Reasons to Become a Male Model

You don’t have to be blazingly handsome to be a male model, although it’s definitely not a problem if you are. What you need is a good physique that falls within fashion parameters, an intriguing face, and the ability to move your body in a way that looks appealing. You also need to photograph well and look good in clothes.

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Why would you want to become a male model? Here are some key reasons that being a model might beat working in more traditional fields.


Male model David Gandy makes over $1 million a year — and he seems to be enjoying himself. You’re more likely to earn in the range of $200 to $1000 a day, but that’s good money, especially for a job that’s interesting and glamorous. A big plus is that you (probably) don’t have to quit your day job. If you can be flexible enough to do the photo shoot when the client wants, that’s all it takes. 

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Clients want to see their wares displayed in exotic, appealing settings, which means you get to go there. You get to model beautiful clothes while standing at the railing on a Bahamas cruise. You’ll be photographed shopping at the bazaar in Nassau or at the flea market in Paris. The photographer may pursue photos of you in a gondola in Venice. Even for local work, you’ll be placed in an appealing environment. If you do runway modeling, you’ll inevitably end up working in London, Milan, Paris, and/or New York. 

Cool Experiences

It’s a cool experience in itself just to be wearing the latest upscale fashions, with your hair and makeup done by professionals, with a pro photographer encouraging you to bring out the best in your style, your looks, and the clothes you’re selling. But beyond that, you’ll be working and socializing with people who go interesting places and do interesting things, and you’ll be going to their parties, spending weekends at their country homes or joining them for ski trips and cultural forays.

Your work will give you inside access to the fashion industry, and you can become a fashion icon as you consistently publicly appear in the latest and greatest styles. The opportunity to make connections that can catapult you to fascinating careers and fame and fortune is a serious perk of being a male model.

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Free Merchandise and Services

Many clients will give you some of the clothes you’re modeling, as either full or partial payment for your work, or in addition to the money. You make a good advertisement for them as you look sharp and put together in your daily life. You’ll also find yourself getting free tickets to chic events — after all, you look great and have cachet  and presence — and you’ll get invited to all the best parties.

Some clients or agents will also make sure you receive services from fitness, body care, and diet experts. You don’t want to be too muscular, since the clothes won’t be shown to the best advantage, but you do need to be toned and keep the measurements your clients want, so a gym membership is a good investment by those who want to see you looking your best.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Hunter Abrams/BFA/REX/Shutterstock (8563009j) Model on the catwalk Jeffrey Fashion Cares Cocktail & Runway Show, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York, USA – 03 Apr 2017


How many celebrities’ résumés include the phrase “former model”? A lot! Many famous actors and actresses got their start modeling and were discovered by agents and talent scouts. Even with no background in acting, it didn’t take long for them to find success in front of the movie camera. If you have good looks, poise, and know how to move your body attractively — all characteristics of a good model — you have most of what it takes to become an admired public figure in the entertainment industry. 

Looking good in clothes and in photographs is not something just anyone can do. If you have the ability, you’ll want to take advantage of the perks being a male model can bring you.

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