Wooden Beads: Why They Are the Perfect Choice for Making Jewelry

Do you have pieces of wooden beads at home? You can create many exciting things with them, and it will be easier since you don’t need any special skills. Coasters, mirrors, chandeliers, jewelry, and a lot of money – all of these products can be made of wooden beads. Such beautiful crafts will not require any special printing or décor. They are beautiful as they are.

Wood beads are readily available and highly affordable. They were always ignored since their potential for jewelry making was not discovered yet. Since everyone has realized stability, wooden beads for jewelry making are the most sought-after materials.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of wooden beads.

Making Jewelry

The use of wooden beads in the fashion industry has expanded, and they are the primary raw material in the making of numerous accessories, that’s to their versatility. Besides, they are well-known in several markets across the globe. The beads can be used to make presentable jewelry like necklaces and bracelets. Wooden beads for crafts are accessible in a range of shapes and sizes.

The friendship bracelet is an awesome item that you can craft from wooden beads.  Friends can come together and craft some stunning friendship bracelets. They get the chance to bond and spend memorable time together. These bracelets are crafted with an elastic cord or rope and wooden beads.

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Hair Accessories

Wooden beads for jewelry making have become popular in the hair industry. They make beautiful hair accessories.  These are fixed in the braids at the beginning or at the end and are part of a distinctive hairstyle. They come in different shapes and sizes that can be utilized to accent various hairstyles.

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Used in Making Light Sweaters

Wooden beads are also used in making light sweaters. This is a simple and cool idea you might want to consider. The beads are used in holding and pulling a switch. They can be used in ceiling fan switches as well. They are more beautiful than traditional pulls.

While wooden beads are simple, you can make them attractive and colorful through painting. This is an exciting activity that you might want to do with family or friends. Note that bigger wooden beads are perfect for novices since they are easy to decorate.

Remember that the beads are available in different types. That’s because they’re made from different kinds of trees. They come from bamboo trees, sandalwood trees, apple trees, olive trees, ebony, and pear. These trees have unique features that make them the best fit for bead making. Note that some trees make the wooden beads beautiful, some long-lasting, and some aromatic.

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For instance, beads from olive trees feature a reddish color and a wavy design. Once the olive tree ages, its beads darken a little in a perfectly defined pattern. Sandalwood beads are lighter in color and lightweight. They also have a pleasant aroma. In contrast, rosewood beads are dense and heavy. This is a perfect material for large accounts. It produces brownish or black lines on the beads.

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