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6 Simple Steps To Maintain A Good Physique

You must’ve worked hard through diet charts and workouts to achieve a lean physique. Now that you have your dream body, diet plans and workout routines might begin to differ from what you’ve practiced reaching here.

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Maintenance of a lean physique is vital as it can boost both confidence and good health in all aspects. If you wish to feel better, energize yourself by adding more years to your life via exercising.

It can be hard to get in shape but maintaining your body is also a tedious task. Nurturing a good physique involves more than just hefty workouts and healthy diet plans.

Check out these six ways that can assist you in nurturing your robust lean physique, along with leading you towards a healthier and happier version of yourself.

1. Monthly Measurements

Keep yourself at goal by taking measurements frequently. Consider tracking measurements of common areas like hips, arms, thighs, and waist. Note down these measurements in a journal and track them from time to time.

It would take a month to track any significant changes. You may not observe any noticeable difference within a week. 

Regular weigh-ins and measurements can assist you in maintaining a stable weight and muscle mass level.

If you begin observing any slight unwanted differences to the numbers, you can make changes to your exercise regime and diet charts.

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2. Maintain a stable weight

Self-weighing is one of the most essential ways to keep your lean physique in control. For proper weight maintenance, you need to get on a scale at least once.

Studies have shown that people who weigh themselves regularly have an easy time maintaining their physique for the long term.

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While weighing yourself, it is crucial to keep in mind that when you get on the scale, try to do it with the same clothes and at the same time of day. It will assist in an accurate representation of any significant changes.

You can preferably keep a weight range in mind as your weight is not the same every week or month. You can expect your weight to fluctuate a little.

3. Set some new goals

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You can prefer to set goals to keep yourself motivated for a further robust physique. Although, you might have accomplished some of your previous ones. Achieving new goals can introduce more confidence and good health.

These new goals can involve a variety of new things. You can preferably improve your fitness levels or continue losing weight. Overall you should consider pushing yourself for a healthier and fit lifestyle.

4. Adequate intake of protein

Protein is crucial for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Consider following a diet that is rich in protein to maintain a tough and powerful physique.

A high protein diet involves the consumption of at least one serving of lean protein along with 1-2 high protein-rich snacks in a day. Try introducing Julian Bakery Instaketones for boosting energy along with losing weight. Read this Julian Bakery InstaKetones review for more information.

You can consider adding poultry, eggs, beef, tofu, legumes, seafood, etc., to your diet. A combination of healthy fats containing protein and lean protein can be a good choice.

5. Sip in enough fluids

It is essential to stay hydrated, especially when you are involved in some physical activity. Consider drinking eight glasses of water on a regular basis. However, you may require up to 13 glasses in a day if you are frequently exercising.

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Consider drinking coconut water, electrolyte drinks, low-calorie sports drinks, etc., as they can easily replace the electrolytes lost during exercise. Opt for decaf coffee, water, tea, flavored water, etc. Other fluids do not come under hydrating beverages.

6. Rest days

You must take care of your body, especially when you’re working hard to maintain your lean physique. Adequate rest days are vital at all fitness levels.

Rest days assist your body in recovering and resting from anaerobic and aerobic training. These days are crucial for your muscles as your mass or strength tends to increase while resting.

You can opt for low-intensity, restorative, low-impact exercise other than doing no activity by staying at home. Going for a walk or doing yoga is also a good choice.


Maintaining a physique involves taking special care about what you eat and how frequent your workouts are. Diligent workouts, a focused mindset, and adequate diets can assist you in building your desired body.

To ensure the longevity of your robust and powerful physique it is imperative to stick to the fitness regime. Strive hard to achieve a toned body that is healthier and leads you towards a fitter lifestyle.

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