High Fashion and Sports

With their godlike physiques, men and women in sports tend to look fabulous in clothes. When that body is combined with the grace of movement, the power of muscles, the force of achievement, maybe an attractive face, and perhaps the cachet of riches and worldwide fame, it’s no wonder the sports world provides irresistible canvases for designers to work their magic on.

Activewear Collection. Fishnet design. Elastic closure.
Activewear Collection. Fishnet design. Elastic closure.

Bespoke in the Boxing Ring

If, like Canelo Alvarez, you’re a record-breaking boxing champ with a sense of elegance and taste, you’ll wear bespoke trunks by Dolce & Gabbana in the ring, a matching robe in the corner, and a custom D&G tracksuit before and after. To memorialize his huge win, Alvarez wore a long, fringed, gold satin Dolce & Gabbana poncho that made him look like a king, especially with the vintage crown.

Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Spring 2022 Milan
Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Spring 2022 Milan

High Fashion to Sweat or Swim In

Aside from the luscious bespoke clothing, high fashion has come to the workout itself. You can look outstanding while you sweat, wearing Veilance running gear or Robert Geller for Lullulemon.

Nike has partnered with Louis Vuitton, Commes des Garçons, Balmain, and many more top designers to make great athleisure wear as well as performance wear. Adidas likewise has worked with Yohji Yamamoto, Alexander Wang, and more.

Most every high-fashion house will have its collection of swimwear, but increasingly many pieces will be performance-oriented in addition to the usual designs to showcase the assets and minimize any flaws of the wearer.

The nexus of high fashion and sports is fun, and it’s beautiful. When a top designer gets involved and contributes everything she knows about cut, style, comfort, textiles, color, stretch, construction, function, breathability — and looking fabulous — activewear becomes an exciting area to shop in.

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High Fashion to Look Sporty In

Clothes that used to be only about performing athletics can also be worn to show that you like the idea of performing athletics, and are possibly ready to do it at any moment, but meanwhile are really enjoying being comfortable and looking attractive in your tank top and bicycle shorts.

You can buy designer boxing trunks, in silk or leather, that you might very much want to wear all sorts of places just because they’re comfortable and look attractive. Hopefully, you know how to box a little, just in case! Tennis skirts can be adorable, especially in a skilled designer’s hands, even though no tennis net is in sight.

Yoga pants have taken over the world, and if you think they’re all the same, you should check out some of the high-fashion versions to see what you’ve been missing. Design and attention to construction details can go a long ways towards making these the pants you never want to take off.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Sports Illustrated‘s list of best-dressed athletes proves beyond a doubt how gorgeous good athletes are and how deeply they love the designers who love them.

Many of the most-wanted designs in the fusion of high-fashion and sports are available in limited releases, which can help ensure that you will own the look in your particular universe.

The lines can be fluid between sport and fashion, function and form. When famous fashion houses, with their historical attention to high quality and custom detail, get involved with athletes and sports, beautiful products can be birthed that would have never otherwise occurred. For instance, there is no men’s activewear collection quite like Dolce & Gabbana’s, with its flamingo, butterfly, or leopard skin motifs.

If you have a godlike physique or just like to be comfy in style, high-fashion and sports may be fertile ground for finding clothes you love.

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