Why Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Shoes

Why Should You Consider Waterproofing Your Shoes

Staying active during winters or the months of fall can be challenging. Rain and snow combined with shortened hours of sunlight can put a damper on our everyday lives. 

During the cold, rainy weather, everything seems complicated without some specialty equipment. Sometimes you just need an umbrella, or a rain jacket or waterproof shoes. The right kind of equipment can make the difference between a fun, comfortable, and energetic day outside and feel cold and achy.

A pair of waterproof shoes will keep your feet warm and repel water. Waterproofing your boots could even help you get another five years out of them. Whether you have to walk on snow-laden pavements in your city or you live in a moisture-loving town, waterproofing and protecting your prized footwear is a sensible thing to do.

Why Care About Waterproofing Your Shoes?

Water and salt damage can prove to be very expensive because that can and will destroy the suppleness of your shoe’s leather. Leather that could have lasted so many years will have its life shortened because of those two elements.

As you may already know, leather is animal skin (usually horse or cattle), which consists of fat and proteins that, after being tanned, retain a set amount of moisture. Leather gets its unique strength from the fibers that criss-cross each other in the corium. However, these fibers could also be dried out and cracked if not treated with care. To avoid that from happening, you will need to minimize rapid influxes and releases of moisture and exposure to acids or alkalis, both of which could cause permanent damage to the leather.

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Salt and other strong chemicals can also stain the leather. They are tricky to remove once they have penetrated it. If these stains are not removed or can not be removed, they will discolor and weaken the layers on top and damage the finish. A simple waterproofing of your leather service boots could help you overcome these challenges and avoid costly trips to the cobbler.

In addition to that, why you might want to waterproof your shoes is because you don’t want to give up comfort. Everyone knows that wet feet are uncomfortable, and most of the time, we can not just take off our shoes and walk around in socks or barefoot. Squeaky shoes and cold, wet feet can ruin a day.

Most people do not know that we are more likely to develop blisters when our feet are wet. We all know how a sore blister can get annoying while you’re trying to have a good time. This happens when the skin becomes soft and more susceptible to rubbing and abrasions. With waterproof shoes, you can keep the water out and your feet dry.

How To Waterproof Leather Boots?

Leather shoes require regular re-proofing treatment and conditioning. As discussed above, a combination of water seepage, salt, and other harmful elements can cause the leather to lose its natural oils and moisture, which means it will dry out and crack.

However, you can ensure that the leather boots stay supple and resist water penetration with a leather conditioner. Using a leather water repellent can help maintain the boot’s original color, breathability, and softness. To waterproof your leather boots, you will need a boot cleaner, a leather water repellent, and a soft-bristles brush.

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First, you will need to clean your boots. Check the footwear manufacturer’s care instructions, and wash as recommended. Get a leather water repellent. Look for a reliable formula to protect and restore leather. Apply the water repellent generously and right on the surface of the boots, especially the parts where the boot bends, use the brush and make sure it is fully covered. Leave the shoes to air-dry for one before you use them.

You could also put newspaper inside the boots to absorb moisture and make them dry even faster. This way, the boots can maintain their shape after cleaning and waterproof treatment.


It doesn’t matter if your boots are new or old, expensive or not. Waterproofing can protect the quality of the shoes and your feet from moisture. Boots will stay looking as good as new for long years.

A happy foot makes us joyful! With warm, dry feet, think of how you can do so much during the cold, rainy winter months.

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