How To Create Healthy Sleep Habits When Sharing The Bed With Your Partner

How To Create Healthy Sleep Habits When Sharing The Bed With Your Partner

One of the best ways to make your relationship work better is to create a healthy sleeping habit when you share the bed with your partner. Aside from having an optimal sex life, which you can do by getting a great mattress, you need to create a healthy sleep pattern that you and your partner would enjoy. The reason is that a good night’s sleep will certainly improve your day and, in turn, improve your relationship. In that case, continue to read to learn how to create healthy sleep habits when sharing the bed with your partner.

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Make a Proper Sleep Schedule

One of the most important factors to creating a healthy sleeping habit is having a proper sleep schedule. With a sleep schedule, you can create a pattern that you and your partner can follow every day to ensure room for communication and issues are resolved. To create a plan, you need to have a sit down with your partner so that the schedule works with both partners. 

Engage in Pillow Talk

Another thing you need to do is engage in pillow talk with your partner. This might sound cheesy, but it would create an ambiance of security and improve closeness. Even after a long day at work, a few minutes of sharing with your partner would help you sleep better.

Never go to Bed Angry

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Although this is an old saying, it is still applicable to us today. One of the best ways to have a better sleeping habit when you share a bed with your partner is to ensure that you carry no resentment to bed. According to a study published in the Nature Communications journal, the author stipulated that our brain reorganizes how negative memories are preserved when we sleep. Because of that, they are harder to suppress later on. So, you should always clear up any negative thoughts towards your partner before you go to bed.

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Limit Third-Party Guests

This part is for couples with kids or pets. It might feel like a non-issue, but having a “guest” in bed with you and your partner can harm your sleeping habit. So, you need to set boundaries with third parties when sharing a bed with your partner. Also, you should understand that when there is a third party, it is harder to engage in pillow talk, and it would affect your sleep schedule. In addition to that, having a bed with your pet can decrease your sleep quality, which can also apply to sharing a bed with kids, especially infants.

Increase Intimacy

Finally, do as much as possible to improve intimacy between you and your partner. You can start with listening to music together. Or, if you are both religious, you can pray and study your sacred holy book every night. Besides that, you can explore different sensual activities such as erotic games, strategic two-player games, going down memory lanes, etc. You can try and find the ultimate mattress for sex because as long as you remain intimate and close to your partner, sleeping becomes better and more exciting.

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Final Thoughts 

If we do not have a good sleep habits, our relationships suffer. Creating a healthy sleep habit is challenging, but it will only take a few steps. Once you follow the tips, you will have better and healthier sleeping habits. Your relationship will blossom.

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