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Important Dirt Bike Helmet Factors That Will Help You Strike a Perfect Balance Between Safety & Budget

When it comes to purchasing equipment for dirt riding, nothing is more crucial than a quality motorcycle helmet. It protects the head no matter what kind of accident you get into. 

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However, choosing a suitable motorcycle helmet is just as challenging as selecting the right bike, owing to many safety and pricing factors. 

Fortunately, this article discusses important aspects of a high-quality helmet and other factors that will help you strike the perfect balance between budget and safety while looking for dirt bike helmets.

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Important Aspects that Increase the Helmet’s Quality  

Outer Shell

It’s the thing everyone can see – the outer helmet shell. It’s the hard exterior helmet part that shields your head from hitting the ground in case of a crash.

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Made from hard plastic, carbon fibre, kevlar or fibreglass, its goal is to prevent the hard ground from coming in contact with your head. It also shields you from abrasions when you slide across the ground.

Crushable Layer

The next layer is the foam layer underneath the helmet’s hard outer shell. It is composed of an EPS (expanded polystyrene). It is fitted inside the helmet because it’s light and won’t break when pressure is applied to it. 

This falls in line with the laws of physics. The helmet can absorb and disperse the high G-force (lots of energy) during a crash, which directly hits the brain and head during an accident.

Padded Comfort Layer

The next layer is all about comfort (as the name implies). It’s a lined and cushioned helmet interior, which makes it comfortable and durable. However, the padding isn’t just about comfort. 

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A well-fitting and snug helmet is also a crucial safety factor that will ensure that the edges of your helmet aren’t projectile that could cause injury in the event of a crash.

Ideal Safety Rating for Dirt Bike Helmet

An important question: with all the standards out there, how do you determine which safety helmet is the best? The truth is, different standards are focused on different impacts, and the answer may not be that easy to determine. To be honest, it changes with helmet types.

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How Much to Spend on Dirt Bike Helmet

Before you begin contemplating the amount you will need to invest in your helmet, think about how much you’ll pay for taking care of your head if it was injured in a collision.

It’s always important to consider the protection aspect before anything else when purchasing a dirt bike helmet.

Sadly, most low-end helmets typically provide less protection than higher-end models as they do not have the above-mentioned helmet layers. 

If there was one piece of protective gear that you must go all out on, it’s the helmet. But, we’re not trying to suggest that you should venture out to purchase the highest-priced helmet out there.

Make sure you’re not choosing inexpensive options for the sake of saving money. Try to strike a balance between budget and safety while purchasing a dirt bike helmet. 

The “replacement” or “upgradation” factor also comes into play here. If you are replacing your existing helmet, you can consider buying one in the same price range as your existing helmet. However, if you are looking for upgradation, you can look for pricey models with better protection and the ones used by pros.

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Final Word

Buying the ideal dirt bike helmet can be a difficult task. Being one of the most important riding equipment, dirt bike helmets come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and are created specifically to meet specific riding needs.

Make sure you keep the tips and information mentioned above while getting yourself a durable and comfortable dirt bike helmet.

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