7 Themes for a Spicy Get-Together

7 Themes for a Spicy Get-Together

Party planning can be poopy. The average party takes ten hours of labor to plan, set up, and tear down. A host spends roughly $1,400 every year on party planning. 

But you don’t have to break the bank when you are planning adult parties. You can find some theme party ideas for adults that are cheap and fun. 

What are some events where you can play games with your guests? What event should you throw if you want to keep things classy and formal? How can you arrange a more intimate occasion? 

Answer these questions and you can make lasting memories with your friends and family. Here are seven great adult party ideas.

1. Casino

Casino night provides a classy yet fun party for all adults. You can be as formal as you want. You can hire card dealers, rent tables, and play for real money. 

If you want to make things more competitive, you can make a poker tournament party. Ask for fees and give a grand prize to the winner. Make sure you have things for eliminated players to do like table games. 

You can also bring your guests out to a casino. You can rent a private area for food and drinks and then hit the floor playing games. 

2. Murder Mystery 

A murder mystery involves roleplaying. Your guests must figure out who a killer is using clues, including physical objects left in a room. 

Arranging a murder mystery party requires some work. You can hire a company to write a story and set up the props for you. You can also follow a guide online. 

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Whatever service you use, you should create a mystery that will take some time to solve. Along the way, you can have side puzzles and games for your guests to play.

7 Themes for a Spicy Get-Together

You can make it a game, with the person who solves the mystery receiving a prize. But most mysteries offer bragging rights and fun memories.

3. Blast to the Past

Many party themes for adults relate to nostalgia. Take your guests back to the 1960s or 1970s. 

Ask your guests to come in costumes related to the period you are celebrating. Play music from that time period and serve popular drinks and food. If you want to do something a little different, you can screen popular movies from the decade.

7 Themes for a Spicy Get-Together

4. Black Tie

If you want to throw a formal event, you can plan a black-tie party. As the name suggests, your guests will come in formal clothes. Men will wear suits or tuxedos with black ties while women wear dresses or gowns.

Black-tie events are usually occasions like weddings or anniversary parties. But you can choose to have a black-tie event for a birthday or a get-together amongst friends. 

Talk to a caterer and figure out a meal plan. You should also prepare alcoholic beverages, which you can serve at a bar in your venue.

Entertainment options are usually limited to music and dancing. But encourage your guests to circulate and talk to each other. Keep tables close together for easy access.

5. Masquerade

A masquerade party can be as formal as a black-tie event. But it encourages guests to have a little more fun. 

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Everyone arrives at the event in formal attire, but each guest wears a mask. Guests can talk to each other as though they have never met before. They can also spend time trying to guess who is who. 

To make a masquerade event work, ask guests not to remove their masks until late into the event. You can also have free masks so guests can change and surprise others.

Feel free to play music and encourage people to dance. Play slower music to create a more elegant and mysterious vibe.

6. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the party for adults. If possible, try to go to New Orleans with your guests and see the authentic Mardi Gras celebrations. 

You can otherwise bring Mardi Gras party ideas for adults into your home. Get decorations like colored streamers and beads for your guests to wear. To make things competitive, host games where the prizes are beads.

You can serve classic dishes like jambalaya and hushpuppies. For dessert, you can have cakes and sweet cocktails.

7 Themes for a Spicy Get-Together

7. Sex

When people think of an adult party, they often think about sexual themes. You can be as sexual or intimate as you want.

If you want to keep things light, you can ask your guests to wear sexy costumes. You can play games where the prizes are intimate products. 

A passion party is a good option for a smaller occasion amongst friends. A group of friends gathers with an expert to sample different products. You can limit the party to skincare products, or you can explore adult toys.

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Be discreet about the party you are throwing. Try to avoid sharing images on social media, especially if you are having an adult toy party. Make sure everyone who is there knows what they are getting into and engages in affirmative consent.

The Best Adult Parties

Adult parties can be versatile. A casino night and a murder mystery let you play games with guests. Make sure to spend some time preparing for the games.

A blast to the past lets you celebrate your favorite decade. If you want to keep things formal, you can throw a black-tie event or a masquerade ball.

Mardi Gras will let you drink and dance. You can throw a sex party, but figure out how raunchy you want to get. 

Party planning can be a pain if you don’t know the facts. Read party planning guides by following our coverage.

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